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17IND13 - MetroWaMet

 This Project Ended in 2021 

The project aims at establishing a metrological infrastructure which will enable an integral characterization of domestic water meter performance close to real-world conditions and not at laboratory conditions as presently done.

Current test regimes for domestic water meters are prescribed to be run with well-defined, constant and reproducible reference flow rates. However, actual water consumption deviates strongly from these stationary conditions. This might have an impact on the cumulative uncertainty of meters which is not seen in the present standard continuous test regime. In consequence, meters might meet requirements at the test points but not the required cumulative uncertainty. So far there is no clear view on how the various types of domestic water meters actually perform under dynamic load changes as the metrological capabilities for this are missing at present. Furthermore, during the last decades the state of the art of water meters has progressed. Materials, fabrications have changed, but also meters based on new technologies are deployed. At the same time, the consumption behaviour of the consumers and the technical equipment in dwellings have changed significantly. The measurement trueness of water meters under these changed conditions still needs to be verified. In this project the metrological infrastructure required for this will be developed. Targeted conditions comprise dynamic load changes, water quality related aspects, and withdrawal of low amounts of water.

Project duration: June 2018 - September 2021


Final Meeting 

The final meeting of the MetroWaMet project took the form of a dissemination workshop that took place exclusively online on 15/16 September 2021 (noon to noon). 

Everyone interested in the project and its  results  was welcome to participate.