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Setting sail for the high seas!

Rieke Schäfer

Shortly before heading for the high seas on her research voyage: Rieke Schäfer standing next to PTB’s primary pH device. For two months, she’ll be swapping her laboratory workstation at PTB for the German research vessel Sonne (which is the German for “sun”), where she’ll soon be finding her sea legs. The sun is one thing that won’t be in short supply – it is bound to shine for much of the voyage. And she’s expecting lots of rain showers too, along with a shipload of experiences that she’ll never forget. This voyage will take her thousands of kilometers along the equator from Ecuador, with the final port of call being in Australia. And anyone who wants to follow her journey can do so by following this blog. You will also find out about her expedition on our LinkedIn channel.

She’ll be embarking on her expedition next week. The research vessel Sonne is setting sail from Guayaquil (Ecuador) on 14 April 2023. Its course is taking it many thousands of kilometers along the equator. The Sonne will then steer south and dock in the Australian city of Townsville after having covered some 16 000 km. By that time, Rieke Schäfer will have taken very many water samples to measure the pH of the ocean water. And her blog means that we are virtually going to be on board with her, giving us the chance to learn about some of the other experiences – besides research – that the 40 scientists aboard this vessel might have.

  • The expedition is part of an international project titledOpens external link in new windowGEOTRACES
  • Rieke Schäfer’s doctoral thesis is part of a project calledOpens external link in new windowSapHTies 


Die geplante RouteGP11: This is the abbreviation of the ID for the route that the "Sonne" is planning to take. From Guayaquil (Ecuador) to its last measuring point in the ocean (12° S, 151° 30' E) on 28 May 2023, the "Sonne" (or the people on it) will be collecting research data. And after that, the ship will steer towards the Australian port of Townsville. (Image credit: https://www.geotraces.org/)


 And from now on, Rieke Schäfer is blogging herself:

Opens internal link in current windowTo her first blog entry: Travelling