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Temperature and Humidity

Helmut Hager

The Technical Committee “Temperature and Humidity” was founded as early as 1987. Today, it represents more than 70 members from Germany and abroad. Throughout its many years of existence, and in cooperation with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, our Technical Committee harmonized many metrological procedures and pioneered the transfer and application of these procedures at the European level.
In 2014, the working group “Humidity” was established, with the aim of creating a calibration guideline for the calibration of hygrometers since there is still no guideline on this subject. Additional information will be published in the form of guides or expert reports.
Most recently, an extensive pilot study to determine the measurement uncertainty for the calibration of temperature block calibrators above 600 °C was performed, with setting lower limits for the axial temperature distribution.
One of the next steps in the Technical Committee will be the successive revision of the calibration guidelines in the field of temperature. We will also sharpen our focus on the organisation of proficiency testing schemes (interlaboratory comparisons). Currently, an intercomparison with direct-reading thermometers is carried out. Further intercomparisons are planned in the fields of climatic cabinets and humidity sensors, and possibly another loop of the pilot study “block calibrators”.

The Technical Committee’s annual meeting provides an active forum for laboratories, assessors, representatives of the PTB and designated bodies.

Currently, there are the following guidelines:

DKD-R 5-1   Calibration of resistance thermometers

DKD-R 5-3   Calibration of thermocouples

DKD-R 5-4   Calibration of temperature block calibrators

DKD-R 5-5  Calibration of temperature indicators and simulators by
electrical simulation and measurement

DKD-R 5-6 Determination of temperature characteristic curves

DKD-R 5-7 Calibration of climatic chambers