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EMPIR Partnering Meetings 2020 PTB

General information

If you are interested in participation in the EMPIR partnering meetings hosted by the PTB on 30 June 2020 till 3 July 2020, please send an e-mail to the PTB contact person of the SRT(s) of your choice. The e-mail addresses are listed below.

The partnering meetings will be held as online meetings, for which you will receive an invitation link by e-mail.

Due to the larger number of SRTs, the meetings will be split into blocks with subsequent time windows.

Block A:   30 June until 1 July 2020
Block B:   2 July until 3 July 2020


In case you have any general questions and/or remarks you can contact:

Thomas Wiedenhöfer: Opens window for sending emailempir(at)ptb.de


Registration for EMPIR Partnering Meetings PTB


Block A

30 June - 1 July 2020

SRT NoSuggested SRT TitlePTB contact personregistration via e-mail to
f02Two-Species Composite Atomic Clocks - TSCACHuntemann /Peik/LisdatOpens window for sending emailNils.Huntemann@ptb.de
f06Fundamental metrology for proteinsGavin O'ConnorOpens window for sending emailGavin.Oconnor@ptb.de
f08Single- and entangled photon sources for quantum metrology (SEQUME)Kück/LopezOpens window for sending emailStefan.Kueck@ptb.de
f09Towards new primary activity standardization methods based on low-temperature detectorsArnold/Beyer/ KossertOpens window for sending emailDirk.Arnold@ptb.de
f16Microwave metrology for superconducting quantum circuitsM. BielerOpens window for sending emailMark.Bieler@ptb.de
i01Metrology infrastructure for hydrogen MetHyInfraH.-B. BöcklerOpens window for sending email
i07Quantum Traceability of Nanoscale Magnetic Field MeasurementsH.W. Schumacher/ SieversOpens window for sending emailHans.W.Schumacher@ptb.de
i25SmartCom II - Enabling the adoption of digital calibration certificates in metrology and industryS. SchönhalsOpens window for sending emailShanna.Schoenhals@ptb.de


Block B

2 - 3 July 2020

SRT NoSuggested SRT TitlePTB contact persone-mail PTB contact person
f17Metrology for broadband  ro-vibrational spectroscopic gas thermometryV. EbertOpens window for sending emailVolker.Ebert@ptb.de
i04Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors (TracOptic)U. Brand/U. Neuschaefer-RubeOpens window for sending emailUwe.Brand@ptb.de
i11Traceable Metrology of Soft-X-ray to IR optical constants and nanofilms for advanced manufacturing (M4SXIR)S. Heidenreich/ V. Soltwisch/ B. BodermannOpens window for sending emailSebastian.Heidenreich@ptb.de
i15Ultra-high precision cylinder and sphere metrology for bearing and piston manometers (BearMan)O. Jusko/ D. HüserOpens window for sending emailOtto.Jusko@ptb.de
i23Advanced classical standards for electrical metrology (AdClass-EM)B. Schumacher /FunckOpens window for sending emailBernhard.Schumacher@ptb.de
i27Sustainable advanced flow meter calibration for transport sector (SAFEST)D. SchumannOpens window for sending emailDaniel.Schumann@ptb.de
n10Implementation of high-dynamic-range imaging systems in standards for glare evaluation and luminance distribution measurementJ. Ledig / A. SperlingOpens window for sending emailJohannes.Ledig@ptb.de
n17Digitalising Processes in Legal Metrology - Certificates of Conformity for Weighing Instruments and their ModulesG. FoyerOpens window for sending emailGisa.Foyer@ptb.de
w01European metrology network for Clean EnergyF. PlagOpens window for sending emailFabian.Plag@ptb.de