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The 'SpinCal EXL04' Joint Research Project has produced so far:

  • 24 papers in peer-reviewed journals, among which:
  • 5 papers in journals with Impact Factor greater than 5

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Magnetic scanning gate microscopy of a domain wall nanosensor using microparticle probe

Author(s): Héctor Corte-León, Boris Gribkov, Patryk Krzysteczko, F. Marchi, J.-F. Motte, Hans W. Schumacher, V. Antonov and Olga Kazakova
Journal: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Year: 2016
Month: February
Day: 15
Volume: 400
Pages: 225–229
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2015.07.116
Abstract: We apply the magnetic scanning gate microscopy (SGM) technique to study the interaction between a magnetic bead (MB) and a domain wall (DW) trapped in an L-shaped magnetic nanostructure. Magnetic SGM is performed using a custom-made probe, comprising a hard magnetic NdFeB bead of diameter 1.6 µm attached to a standard silicon tip. The MB–DW interaction is detected by measuring changes in the electrical resistance of the device as a function of the tip position. By scanning at different heights, we create a 3D map of the MB–DW interaction and extract the sensing volume for different widths of the nanostructure's arms. It is shown that for 50 nm wide devices the sensing volume is a cone of 880 nm in diameter by 1.4 µm in height, and reduces down to 800 nm in height for 100 nm devices with almost no change in its diameter.

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