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The 'SpinCal EXL04' Joint Research Project has produced so far:

  • 24 papers in peer-reviewed journals, among which:
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Anisotropic Magnetoresistance State Space of Permalloy Nanowires with Domain Wall Pinning Geometry

Author(s): Héctor Corte-León, Vahid Nabaei, Alessandra Manzin, Jonathan Fletcher, Patryk Krzysteczko, Hans Werner Schumacher and Olga Kazakova
Journal: Scientific Reports
Year: 2014
Month: April
Day: 28
Volume: 4
Issue: 6045
DOI: 10.1038/srep06045
Abstract: The domain wall-related change in the anisotropic magnetoresistance in L-shaped permalloy nanowires is measured as a function of the magnitude and orientation of the applied magnetic field. The magnetoresistance curves, compiled into so-called domain wall magnetoresistance state space maps, are used to identify highly reproducible transitions between domain states. Magnetic force microscopy and micromagnetic modelling are correlated with the transport measurements of the devices in order to identify different magnetization states. Analysis allows to determine the optimal working parameters for specific devices, such as the minimal field required to switch magnetization or the most appropriate angle for maximal separation of the pinning/depinning fields. Moreover, the complete state space maps can be used to predict evolution of nanodevices in magnetic field without a need of additional electrical measurements and for repayable initialization of magnetic sensors into a well-specified state.

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