Myanmar - Strengthening Quality Infrastructure


The project aims at increasing the local availability and usage of quality infrastructure (QI) services which are based on international good practices. It focusses in particular on the QI service needs of the agriculturaland food sector accounting for the majority of small and medium enterprises in Myanmar.


The project concept is based on a multi-level approach with a focus on capacity and institution building measures for enhancing the provision of QI services, particularly in the field of metrology and food testing. The political level is addressed by activities in the area of policy development, legislation as well as awareness and information measures. The enterprise level is involved through activities enhancing the usage of QI services.

The project is composed of four components which are (1) strategy and policy development for the establishment of a demand oriented national system of measurements, standards and conformity assessment, (2) setting up a basic metrology system providing calibration for testing laboratories and industry, (3) enhancing analytical and testing services in particular for the agricultural sector and (4) stakeholder engagement (public-private dialogue) and awareness to increase the demand for relevant services by industry, regulators and consumers. Types of services provided by the  roject include technical and management trainings and seminars, consulting, workshops, policy advice, awareness raising measures and to a limited extent equipment provision.


A demand oriented national QI system contributes to improving manufacturing processes and product quality and, thus, the competitiveness of local companies. Particularly for agro-based countries like Myanmar, this refers especially to better compliance with increasingly stringent food standards. Besides, it enhances the international recognition of product certificates and management systems and increases trust in local products and processes.

Ultimately a better competitiveness of local companies helps accessing new markets, promotes local private sector development, and the wellbeing of the population through increased employment and a reduction of poverty. Consumer gain confidence in the quality of locally produced products, consume safer food and enjoy better environmental protection. Further, improved expertise of decision makers facilitates Myanmar’s trade and economic integration in ASEAN and into the world economy.


The project is structured as a module of the priority area “Sustainable Economy Development” of the bilateral Development Cooperation. Close coordination is persued with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) as well as other donor and implementing organisations engaged in trade and economy promotion. A close partnership with the National Metrology Institute of Thailand (NIMT) has been established as well.

Myanmar - Strengthening Quality Infrastructure

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

2015 – 2020


Ministry of Science and Technology
Department of Research and Innovation

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Contact person: Dr. Win Khaing Moe

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PTB Project Coordinators

Svenja Weyrauch

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