Capacity Building in Technical and Scientific Organizations Using Regional Experiences and Knowledge (CABUREK)


"CABUREK”  is an instrument developed and implemented in cooperation between SIM, OAS and PTB. In its first two program cycles (2009-2014), the instrument was known as “NMI-Metrology User Relations” and aimed at enhancing competitiveness and innovation through the strengthening of the NMI’s relations with metrology users and a wider, better and more efficient use of the capabilities of the NMIs in Latin America and the Caribbean by industry, commerce, regulators and other users.


Key Principles

•    Full responsibility of each NMI to identify, design and implement its own 2-year project(s) with periodic work plans and reports about activities and outcomes.

•    Provision of support to the committed countries through workshops for face-to-face exchange of experiences (every ~6 months, 5 workshops in total) as well as for planning, implementation and monitoring of their project(s), specific inputs and trainings, coaching, the provision of guides and web-sessions.

•    Project participants form thematic working groups, where they receive coaching and input from experts, exchange experiences and learn from each other in order to use the existing regional experience and knowledge for their national projects.

Working Groups

During a workshop in the framework of the SIM Week 2015, attending NMI directors and representatives decided on the topics for the Working Groups of the third program cycle (2016-2018):

1)    NMI Strategic Planning
Two Subgroups: 1a English-speaking and 1b Spanish-speaking

2)    Development of a Regional Training Offer in Metrology


3)    Metrology and Health

English- and Spanish-speaking (with translation services)

1)    NMI Strategic Planning

The elaboration of a Strategy is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities and focus energy and resources in order to set and achieve institutional goals. Strategy typically involves two major processes: formulation and implementation. Formulation involves analyzing the environment or situation, making a diagnosis that defines the challenge, and developing guiding policies for dealing with the challenge. Implementation refers to the coherent actions designed to achieve the goals established by the guiding policy.

This working group may concern a NMI strategy and/or a national strategy for the whole Quality Infrastructure in the country. In the case for a NMI, strategic planning includes for example defining the direction, analysing demands, allocate resources to achieve pre-defined goals and form strategic alliances. In the case of a comprehensive Quality Infrastructure-Strategy, other actors such as regulators, accreditation and certification bodies and standard organizations should be closely involved. The focus will be a joint decision of the members of the working group.

Product: NMI Strategy and/or countrywide Quality Infrastructure Strategy
Participant profile: NMI Director and/or high-level executive closely involved in strategic planning of the NMI.

Please note: Due to the high interest in this working group, there will be two  subgroups, one English- and one Spanish-speaking.

2)    Development of a regional training offer in metrology

This working group aims at cooperating regionally to establish a training offer in metrology for the industry/e.g. the users of the NMI services.

The working group will focus on the framework of the training offer, analyse demands in the region, elaborate a course syllabus and assess and plan the qualification of potential instructors. Topics such as “Basic metrology”, “Mass”, “Temperature” or “Legal metrology” could be subject to a course.

The objective is that each NMI can offer a complete syllabus by complementing gaps using the competence of other Institutes in the region, thus transferring knowledge between NMIs and jointly developing capacities.

Regional training offer in Metrology based on national capacities
Participant profile: Responsible for training within the NMI

Please note: Due to the high interest from Caribbean Institutes, this working group will be English-speaking and cooperate with CROSQ.

3)    Metrology and Health

The objective of the working group is to develop a new service in the area of health. This includes also awareness raising, training and regulation issues.

A functioning quality infrastructure is particularly relevant for three thematic areas of the health sector:

•    Drugs: Manufacturers of drugs and the control laboratories of the regulatory authorities must work with calibrated and validated instruments and need to compare the ingredients of a medicine with certified reference materials. Important international standards in the manufacture and testing of drugs are Goof Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO standards and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

•    Medical laboratories. Test and analysis methods in medical labs form the basis of diagnosis and treatment in the health sector. Services include the clear identification of the patient, taking samples and their transportation, preparation of samples for analysis and their validation and evaluation. ISO 15189 describes the specific requirements for medical labs.

•    Medical equipment. Only equipment conform to internationally accepted standards can deliver reliable results. This requires legislation at the national level and a quality management system in the medical facilities. Medical devices such as blood pressure meters, thermometers, or X-ray equipment must be calibrated, traceable to international norms and operated by trained staff.

Product: New NMI service in the area of Health
Participant profile: Responsible for health/medical laboratories within the NMI

Please note: This group will work both in English and Spanish, supported by translation services.



Previous Program Cycles

During the first two cycles of the programme, the following topics were covered by the working groups:

First cycle (2009-2011):

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Group Calibration

Second cycle (2012-2014):

  • Regulators
  • Secondary Laboratories
  • Education

More information the previous cycles can be found in the tab 'Previous NMI-MUR Cycles' in the top menu.

Participants WG 1 – NMI Strategic Planning

Member Country NMI
Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues Antigua and Barbuda ABBS
Hadyn Rhynd Barbados BNSI
I-Ronn Audain St. Kitts and Nevis SKNBS
Charelle Parker Suriname SSB
Jemold Miller St. Vincent and the Grenadines SVGBS
Edward Melville Guyana GNBS
Claudia Estrada El Salvador CIM
José Dajes Peru INACAL
Leandro Garcia Argentina INTI
Monorde Civil Haiti MCI
Ileana Hidalgo Costa Rica LACOMET
Luis Costta Escobar Ecuador INEN
Erika Bibiana Pedraza Colombia INM
César de Jesús Cajica Gómez Mexico CENAM
Gabriela de la Guardia Panama CENAMEP

Participants WG 2 – Regional Training

Member Country NMI
Sonia Morgan Jamaica BSJ
Erica Caruth Trinidad and Tobago TTBS
Alan Michael Antigua and Barbuda ABBS
Franky Zamor Haiti MCI

Participants WG 3 - Health

Member Country NMI
Arielle Braynen Bahamas BBSQ
Kevin Charlemagne St. Lucia SLBS
Jermaine Softley Guyana GNBS
Richard Lawrence Jamaica BSJ
Javier Arias Panama CENAMEP
Luis Chavarro Medino Colombia INM
Ana Silva Terra Uruguay LATU
Verónica Ponticorbo Uruguay LATU
Edwin Guillen Peru INACAL
Jorge Medrano Cabrera El Salvador CIM
Mariana Arce Osuna Mexico CENAM

Technical Committee

Member Country NMI
Arquimedes Ruiz Mexico CENAM
Claudia Santo Uruguay LATU
Clemens Sanetra Germany PTB
Gabriel Lugo Mexico CENAM
Salvador Echeverría Mexico CENAM
Anett Matbadal Germany PTB
David Tomlinson Jamaica CROSQ
Silvana Demicheli Uruguay LATU
Carmen Marina Trejo Mexico CENAM
Emilio Löbbe Argentina INTI
Gustavo Menezes Brazil INMETRO
Alexis Valqui Germany PTB
Anna Kruip Germany PTB
Mahdha Flores Campos Mexico PTB

CABUREK Kick-off Workshop

CABUREK Kick-off Workshop

Place: Querétaro, México

Date: 18. – 22.04.2016

Organizers: PTB, CENAM



Agenda Kick-off Workshop (PDF file)



Working Group 1 English

Working Group 1 Spanish

Working Group 2

Working Group 3

2nd CABUREK Workshop

2nd CABUREK Workshop

Place: Lima, Perú

Date: 13. - 15.09.2016

Organizers: INACAL, PTB

Workshop Documentation:

Flores Informe 2nd Workshop CABUREK Sept16 (PDF file)



Agenda 2nd CABUREK Workshop (PDF file)



Project Planning and Monitoring

INACAL Seminare on Metrology and Health

3nd CABUREK Workshop

4th CABUREK Workshop

4th CABUREK Workshop

Place: Panama City, Panama

Date: 29. - 31.08.2017

Organizers: CENAMEP AIP, PTB

5th CABUREK Workshop

5th CABUREK Workshop

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Date: 10. - 12.04.2018

Organizers: PTB, INTI

Title Date Place Organizers
5th CABUREK Workshop 10.–12.04.2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina INTI, PTB

General Information

Demand identification

Activities carried out about survey identification demand (from April to October 2009)

The first activities with regards to the demand identification was the surveys.   Each Working Group prepared special surveys.  The results are documented in the Reports presented in the links below.

About the"Consultancy to clients"  Working Group : viewing reports

About the "Program training" Working Group: viewing reports

About the "Group calibration" Working Group: viewing reports

Demand identification

Three guides for identifying the demand and standardize the results of working groups have been prepared:

1.- Demand identification for Consulting services (please click here for getting the file)
2.- Demand identification for Training Programs(please click here for getting the file)
3.- Demand identification for Groups Calibration Facilitation (please click here for getting the file)

Awareness raising Seminars

With regards to the activities for the demand identification , Awareness raising Seminars were programmed .

The NMIs which carried out seminars belong to the following countries:

- Barbados (in ocassion of  "National Quality Infraestructure", july 2009)

- Guyana (which was done in collaboration with CROSQ, previously)

- Colombia (Seminar:"The metrology in the biomedicine" , september 2009)

- Uruguay (Seminario: "Demand identification- SWOT", October 2009)

- Haiti (October 2009)

- Perú (Octubre 2009)

- República Dominicana (in ocasion of  Follow-up Workshop Sto-Domingo, Junio 2010)

To consult the seminar's reports, go to the Documents web page.

Working Groups, 2nd phase

Closing Workshop Barbados 2014

Closing Workshop Barbados 2014

Venue: Savanah Hotel (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Date: March 18th-21st 2014


Report :

Report of Closing Workshop (PDF file)

- Annex A: Experiences with Secondary Labs in Honduras by Wendy Chinchilla (PDF file)

- Annex B: Group Calibration with support of Peru by Henry Postigo (PDF file)

- Annex C: Initiatives in the Educational Sector in Uruguay by Silvana Demicheli (PDF file) 

- Annex D: Awareness raising experiences in Haiti by Monorde Civil and Junior Doran (PDF file)

- Annex E: Experience on the Introduction of SI Law in Panama by Javier Arias and Saúl Garcìa (PDF file)

- Annex F: Intercomparisons and Proficiency Test in Costa Rica, by Jessica Chavarría (PDF file)

- Annex G: BNSI Modernization Project by Fabian Scott (PDF file)

- Annex H: Best practices on Quality Infrastructure, by Clemens Sanetra (PDF file)

- Annex I: Presentation of survey results with the Barbadian Industry by Hadyn Rhynd(PDF file)

- Annex J: Self-assessments of participants of Phase 2 (PDF file)

Follow up Workshop Brasil 2013

Follow up Workshop Brasil 2013

Venue: INMETRO (Brazil)

Date: August 27th-29th 2013


Report :

Report of Follow up Workshop (PDF file)

- Annex A: Presentation on INMETRO’s Strategic Planning by S. Ghelman (PDF file)

- Annex B: Presentation on Legal Metrology Structure of INMETRO by G. Jordão and R. Martins Rego (PDF file)

- Annex C: Presentations of WG- Regulators (https://www.ptb.de/lac/index.php?id=5571)

- Annex D: Presentations of WG- Secondary Labs (https://www.ptb.de/lac/index.php?id=5571)

- Annex E: Presentations of WG- Education  (https://www.ptb.de/lac/index.php?id=5571)

 - Annex F: Presentation on Group Management by S. Demicheli and M. Flores (PDF file)

Follow up Workshop Uruguay 2013

Follow up Workshop Uruguay 2013

Venue: LATU (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Date: February 26th-March 2nd 2013


Report :

Report of Follow up Workshop (PDF file 3.11 MB),  (PDF file 12.3 MB), (XPS file 3.58 MB)

Annex 1 'Posters presented by WG-Education' (PDF file)

Annex 2 'Posters presented by WG-Regulators' (PDF file)

Annex 3 'Posters presented by WG-Secondary Labs (PDF file)


Presentations (available in Spanish for now):

- Soft skills: Communication and Leadership (PDF file), Strategic Planning (PDF file)

- Monitoring projects (PDF file)

- Training workshop ISO/IEC 17043: 1st day (PDF file), 2nd day (PDF file)

Follow up Workshop Panama 2012

Follow up Workshop Panama 2012

Venue: Panama City

Date: August 8th to 10th, 2012


Agenda Follow up Workshop (PDF file)



Report of Follow up Workshop (PDF file).

Annex 1 'Posters presented by WG-Regulators' (PDF file)

Annex 2 'Posters presented by WG-Secondary Labs' (PDF file)

Annex 3 'Posters presented by WG-Education' (PDF file)


Kick off Workshop Mexico 2012

Kick off Workshop Mexico 2012

Venue: CENAM (Querétaro, Qro. México)

Date: January 9th to 11th, 2012


Agenda Kick off Workshop (PDF file)



Report of Kick off Workshop (PDF file)

Annex 1. S.Echeverría-Villagómez, A. Valqui., T. Lopez de Souza, C.Trejo-Morales, M. Grad (2011) A Proposal for Collaborative Knowledge Creation (CKC), Globelics, Buenos Aires (PDF file)

Annex 2. Objective and activities of the project in WG-Regulators (PPS file)

Annex 3. Objective and activities of the project in WG-Secondary Labs (PPS file)

Annex 4.  Objective and activities of the project in WG-Education (PPS file)

Annex 5. Expectations of functions of Participants, Coach and Technical Committee (PDF file)

Participants WG Regulators

Member Country NMI e.mail
Ronald Brewster Barbados Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs serengeti@caribsurf.com
Luddy Pilar Huarcacho Bolivia IBMETRO l.pilar@ibmetro.gob.bo
Mariela Trujillo Chile INN mariela.trujillo@inn.cl
Keemo Fyffe Guyana Guyana National Bureau of Standards keemofyffe@hotmail.com
Monorde Civil Haití Minsitére du commerce et de l'Industrie monordecivil@hotmail.com
Javier Arias Panama CENAMEP jarias@cenamep.org.pa
Henry Postigo Peru INDECOPI hpostigo@indecopi.gob.pe
I-Ronn Audain St. Kitts and Nevis SKNBS chemicalengineerskb@yahoo.com
Marta Airaudo Uruguay LATU MAIRAUDO@latu.org.uy

Participants WG Secondary Laboratories

Member Country NMI e.mail
Oscar Garrido Chile INN oscar.garrido@inn.cl
Jessica Chavarría Costa Rica LACOMET jchavarria@hotmail.com
Mónica Gualotuña Ecuador INEN mgualotuna@inen.gob.ec
Wendy Chinchilla Honduras CEHM wchinchilla@seplan.gob.hn
Diana Cantero Paraguay INTN dcantero@intn.gov.py
Patricia Pereyra Dom. Republic DIGENOR subdirgeneral@digenor.gob.do
Simone Fajardo Uruguay LATU sfajardo@latu.org.uy

Participants WG Education

Member Country NMI e.mail
Hadyn Rhynd Barbados Barbados National Standards Institution hrhynd@bnsi.com.bb
Jermaine Softley Guyana Guyana National Bureau of Standards jsoftley99@hotmail.com
Junior Doran Haiti Ministère du Commerce et de l'Industrie donjunior001@hotmail.com
Richard Lawrence Jamaica Bureau of Standards Jamaica RLawrence@bsj.org.jm
J.Gabriel Pérez Nicaragua LANAMET lanamet@ibw.com.ni
Saúl Garcia Panama CENAMEP sgarcia@cenamep.org.pa
Derlis Medina Paraguay INTN dmedina@intn.gov.py
José Dajes/Edwin Guillen Peru INDECOPI jdajes@indecopi.gob.pe, eguillen@indecopi.gob.pe
Theodore Reddock* Trinidad and Tobago TTBS theodore.reddock@ttbs.org.tt
      *interrupted the participation in the project, only attended to kick off workshop (México)
Silvana Demicheli Uruguay LATU sdemiche@latu.org.uy

WG Education

Country January-July 2012 August 12-January 13 March-August 2013 Sept 2013-Febr 2014
Barbados See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan
Guyana See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan
Haiti See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan
Jamaica See page 1
See page 2
- - -
Nicaragua - - See work plan -
Panama See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan
Paraguay See work plan - See work plan See work plan
Peru See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan
Trinidad and Tobago See work plan interrupted participation ---- -------
Uruguay See work plan See work plan See work plan See work plan

Progress Reports (WG Regulators)

Country January-July 2012 August 2012-January 2013 March -August 2013 4th period
Barbados See Progress Report not submitted not submitted -
Bolivia See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation -
Chile * * See Presentation  
Guyana See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation -
Haiti See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation -
Panama See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation -
Peru See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation -
St.Kitts and Nevis See Progress Report See Progress Report See Presentation  
Uruguay * See Progress Report See Presentation  
* Chile starts the project in 01.2013 *Uruguay starts the project for 2nd period      

General materials and Quality Infraestructure





Interesting materials available for all levels of education, including videos, posters, etc. (and they are really didactics).




Interesting materials that may contribute to initiatives for education about standards

ENGLISH and some documents in another languages like SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, etc.


Some brochures in easy language about several topics of the quality infrastructure: (only in Portuguese)




Publication: “Enfrentando el desafío global de la Calidad. Una Infraestructura Nacional de Calidad.”





Publication: “Technical regulations-Recommendations for their elaboration and reinforcement”.



Quality Infraestructure in about 5 minutes




Basic Metrology





Webpage with materials prepared by Inmetro for children (with videos, games and publications to help awareness raising about metrology) (only in Portuguese):




Metrology for non-metrologists



Some publications of OEA about Metrology



History on metrology origin




Definition of International Unit System





International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM)





Web page of BIPM- Bureau International des Poids et Messures (Including links to the NMI-members of BIPM)



Information on International Unit System (uses, definitions and table of conversions)




Video in youtube from “Telecurso 2000” about the importance of Metrology for Mechanics.




Multiples and submultiples. Ways to measure the time.





Measurments Equipments II



Measurement  errors




Article: “El abc de las mediciones en el laboratorio docente” (several topics on uncertaintity)



How to use a micrometer



How to use a vernier


Materials for revision

Description: Materials of INDECOPI's conferences to Universities

Shared by: Edwing Guillen (INDECOPI)


- Part 1 (see file)

- Part 2 (see file)

- Part 3 (see file)

- Part 4 (see file)

Working Groups, 1st phase

Follow up Workshop (Sto. Domingo, Rep.Dom.; June 7th to 9th, 2010

Follow up Workshop (Sto. Domingo, Rep.Dom.; June 7th to 9th, 2010

The Report of the Follow-up Workshop, carried out in Sto. Domingo Republic Dominique, in June 7th to June 9th,  you may find clicking in the following link: Report in English , and its attachments:

Evaluation of the Workshop (Annex A)

Evaluation of the Workshop (Annex B)

Follow up Workshop (Lima Peru; October 29th, 2009

Follow up Workshop (Lima Peru; October 29th, 2009

The Report of the Follow-up Workshop, carried out in Lima Peru, on October 29th 2009,  you may consulting by clicking in the following link: Report in English , Electronic compilation of the cards on the boards (Annex B)

"NMI-Metrology user relation" Workshop (March 2009)

"NMI-Metrology user relation" Workshop (March 2009)

You may find the Work documents about Demand identification, of each Working Group, at the following links:

- WG "Consultancy to clientes": please click here, login and password are required

- WG "Programas de entreanamiento": please click here, login and password are required

- WG "Rondas de calibración": please click here, login and password are required

You may find the workshop documentation (CENAM México, March 2009)at the SIM website: http://www.sim-metrologia.org.br/nmi.php

Participants WG Consultancy

Member Country NMI e.mail
Claudia Santo Uruguay Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay csanto@latu.org.uy
Henry Postigo Perú Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual hpostigo@indecopi.gob.pe
Robert Medford Grenada Grenada Bureau of Standards gdbs@spiceisle.com
Junior Dora n Haití Minsitére du commerce et de l'Industrie donjunior001@hotmail.com
Haydn Rhynd Barbados Barbados National Satandards Institution hadynr@hotmail.com

Participants WG Training

Member Country NMI e.mail
Saúl García Panamá Centro Nacional de Metrología de Panamá AIP sgarcia@cenamep.org.pa
Hiram Williams St. Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards hw.mplbos@gmail.com
Antonio García Colombia INM-Colombia antgarcia@inm.gov.co
Silvana Demicheli Uruguay Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay SDEMICHE@latu.org.uy
Jessica Chavarría Costa Rica LACOMET jchavarria@hotmail.com

Participants WG Group Calibration

Member Country NMI e.mail
Jermaine Softley Guyana Guyana National Bureau of Standards jsoftley99@hotmail.com
Simon Nyaaba Dominica Dominica Bureau of Standards snyaaba@dominicastandards.org

WG Group Calibration

Country Nov 2009 - May 2010 July - Nov 2010 Feb - May 2011
Costa Rica Costa Rica Jan 2010 - -
Dominica Dominica Jan 2010 Dominica July 2010 Dominica Feb 2011
El Salvador El Salvador Jan 2010 - -
Guyana Guyana Jan 2010 Guyana July 2010 Guyana Feb 2010
Rep. Dominicana Rep. Dominicana Mar 2010 - -
St. Vincent and the Grenadines St. Vincent and the Grenadines Jan 2010 - -

The Workplans of each working group during March-October 2009 are available at the SIM website:


Report on activities carried out from July to October 2010.

Work-plans were designed after the Follow-up Workshop held in Sto. Domingo. You can consult, in English, the activities carried out, until October, in the following file: Report until October 2010.

WG Group Calibration

Country Demand Identification Report Final Reports 2009-2011
Costa Rica - LACOMET M. Calvo 2009-09-09 (spanish)
El Salvador - LNML D. brito 2009-10-29 (spanish)
Guyana GNBS J. Softley 09-2009 GNBS J. Softley 04-2011
Dominica DBS S. Nyaaba 2009-10-23 DBS Simon A. Nyaaba 2011-04-20