Promotion of the Quality Infrastructure to Support the Consumption Measurement and Quality Analysis of Drinking Water - Bolivia

Project Bolivia - Drinking Water

In the Bolivian Constitution, access to water is declared one of the population’s fundamental rights. The Andean country, similar to its neighbors, is faced with a growing scarcity of its water resources resulting from the increase in use and the changes in the climate regime.

At the same time, the control of consumption and the considerable water losses that occur in the grids on a national level is highly insufficient. As part of the solution for this problem, it is necessary to develop correct and reliable measurements at the consumer’s level as well as for the internal surveillance of the water suppliers (EPSA - Entidades Prestadoras de Servicios de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado”).

Another aspect of outstanding importance for consumer’s health is the assurance of the water quality. It is imperative to guarantee the innocuousness of the drinking water to the consumers and the basis for achieving this is to provide trustworthy analyses that assure its quality.

The objective of PTB’s contribution is the improvement of the capabilities regarding both, the reliable analysis of drinking water quality and the correct measurement of its consumption. The assistance consists mainly in consultancy and training of the institutions which constitute the national quality infrastructure, aiming at the enhancement of the technical competence of the metrology division (Dirección de Metrología Industrial y Científica) and the accreditation body (Dirección Técnica de Acreditación), both within the Bolivian Metrology Institute (Instituto Boliviano de Metrología - IBMETRO), as well as testing laboratories and water meter testing centers of the EPSA.

The project works furthermore with key stakeholders in order to promote a better integration of quality assurance in the drinking water sector, thus contributing to the protection of consumers and their health.

Target groups
Consumers of drinking water

The National Metrology Institute IBMETRO (Instituto Boliviano de Metrología) and the integrated Accreditation Body DTA (Dirección Técnica de Acreditación), other relevant institutions of the quality infrastructure and public agencies, as well as water distribution companies.

Project executing agency
Bolivian Ministry for Productive Development and Plural Economy (Ministerio de Desarrollo Productivo y Economía Plural)

Term and value of the commission
Promotion period: 2012-2015
Total amount of German contribution: EUR 500 000