Energy Efficiency in Household Appliances. Challenges for Upgrading the Quality Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fortaleza - Brazil, May 2012

Programm and Presentation

08:30 Registration  
09:00 -
Part 1: Opening and Introduction into the Project  
  Welcome by COPANT Sergio Toro
  Welcome by PTB Marion Siebold
  Explanation of the objectives, the programme and the methodology Christian Göthner
  Information about the project and its progress since the B.A. Workshop Kory Eguino
  Plenary discussion about the project (short clarifying questions and answers) Moderator: Imilce Zuta
10:40 -
Part 2: Labeling and testing of electrical household appliances: Latin American experiences  
  Brazilian experiences in labeling Marcos A. Borges
(INMETRO, Brasil)
  The situation of the testing labs and certifiers in Brasil Ana Angélica
(CEPEL, Brasil)
  The challenges for an enterprise in Brasil Luiz Zanardi
(Eletros, Brasil)
11:10 -
Coffee Break  
  Round Table: Labeling programmes, testing schemes and challenges for the Latin American and Caribbean Industry
Marcos A. Borges, Ana Angélica, Luis Zanardi, Felipe Carrasco
Moderator: Christian Göthner
12:00 -
Part 3: Labeling and testing of electrical household appliances: The U.S.A. and European Union experiences  
  Seen from an European perpective Christoph Türk
(VDE Institute)
  The experience of EPA seen from the viewpoint of a stakeholder Ryan Kane
(U.S. Department of Commerce)
13:00 -
  Round Table Discussion: What the U.S. and European experiences are teaching
Christoph Türk, Ryan Kane
Moderator: Imilce Zuta
15:00 -
Part 4: Labeling and testing of electrical household appliances in Latin America and the Caribbean: Situation of and challenges for the QI Institutions  
  Presentation COPANT and short discussion Fabián Yaksic
  Presentation IAAC and short Laura Pastore
16:00 -
Coffee Break
  Presentation SIM and short discussion Gregory Kyriazis
16:50 -
Part 5: Round Table: Energy Efficiency, Electrical Household Appliances and Quality Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean: Gaps, Challenges and possible ways out  
  Marcos A. Borges; Christoph Türk; Ryan Kane; Fabián Yaksic, Laura Pastore, Gregory Kyriazis Moderator: Christian Göthner
17:50 -
Part 6: Evaluation and closure  
  Evaluation Christian Göthner
  Closure Fabián Yaksic