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Within the scope of the Metrological Services of PTB, you will find here in the database Measuring Instruments Certificates (MICert) the certificates issued by PTB on measuring instruments and on approved quality systems of measuring instrument manufacturers. You're currently accessing the subsidiary database for QS Approvals. To change the subsidiary database, please click on "Product Certificates" above.

This is a service of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt rendered to the German verification authorities, state-approved test centres and the European authorities for market surveillance.  

Dear MICert User
The download of PDF files (certificate documents) is discontinued in MICert since 01.05.2018 for legal reasons.
You can still access the general information about certificates of the Measures and Verification Act from the website www.ptb.de/s/melodi/index.
If you need certificates, you should request them from the owner of the certificate (manufacturer).
As far as it belongs to the information obligations of the PTB KBS, you can receive individual certificates on request.
Please use the request form for inquiries.

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