Nanoscale 2008

Last update: 3/12/2007

List of standards


This tabulated synopsis contains currently available artefacts which may be used as standards and which are suitable for the calibration of stylus or optical instruments and SPMs. Standards are listed in an arbitrary order within the sections without any ranking or preference.

This list does not imply recommendation or endorsement by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, nor does it imply that the listed standards are necessarily the best and/or only available for the purpose.

No claim is put forward to the completeness and correctness of the list of manufacturers and products. If you know of further standards that might be included or if you have discovered outdated or incorrect data, PTB welcomes your feedback and appreciates any help to improve this list.

This list may give a first overview, but it cannot replace consultation with the manufacturer or distributor.

For certified calibration, please contact PTB or any other National Metrolgy Institute (NMI).

Please send any comments on this list to the NanoScale organizing committee.

Overview: standards by measurement techniques
For images of the respective standard, please click on the number of the standard (in the first column).

Overview: standards by their design
Please click on the number of the standard (in the first column) to obtain information on the manufacturer or distributor. By clicking on the "I" (for image) in the last column, a pdf-file will be opened with an image of the respective standard.

You may download both lists as pdf-file.
standards by measurement techniques (56 kB) (.pdf)
standards by their design (454 kB) (.pdf)

Additionally, we also provide all images of the standards in one large pdf-file (4.2 MB).

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