Developing expertise in quality assurance for the export sector in Tunisia


Calibration services of qualified local providers are available to Tunisian companies in order to assure the quality of their products


The project aims at developing the national metrology system in order for it to respond to the growing  demand of the Tunisian industry for internationally recognized calibration services and high-level metrology expertise. The development of internationally recognized calibrations services that are traceable to the international system of units SI is promoted by strengthening the capacities of the National Accreditation Council TUNAC and the Central Laboratory for Analyses et Tests (LCAE, for physical measurands) and the National Institute for Physico-Chemical Research and Analysis (INRAP, for chemical measurands). The integration of metrology in university and vocational training programmes and the establishment of training offers for metrology experts and quality management consultants ensure the availability of qualified personnel for companies and calibration laboratories in the long term.


With a metrology system in place that answers to the demand of the local industry, Tunisia is able to conclude Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAAs) with the European Union for certain priority sectors. The conclusion of ACAAs facilitates the access of Tunisian products to the European market.

 Thanks to the local availability of calibration services and metrology expertise, the Tunisian industry enhances the quality of their export products and as a consequence, its competitiveness. As a result, enterprises become more and more involved in international trade and can benefit from the widened access to the European  single market. The increase of exports contributes to economic growth and job creation in exporting sectors. 

Tunisian experts put their advanced competences in the area of metrology to use within the region. Tunisia consolidates its role as a forerunner in metrology in French-speaking Africa. The growing demand for calibration and other services within this region can be satisfied and capacities are developed thanks to the support of Tunisian experts.