Support of a Pan-African quality infrastructure


Strengthen efficient Pan-African institutions of quality infrastructure that form the pillars of a coordinated strategy to support the economic integration process of Africa through the African Union Commission.


In addition to promote the Continental Free Trade Area the African Union Commission is encouraged to recognise and support quality infrastructure as a cross-cutting theme. Strategic advice is provided to the AU Commission and New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), and awareness for Quality Infrastructure is raised. Furthermore, the institutional support to Pan-African Quality Infrastructure organisations is continued. The understanding of the organizational set-up and implications is increased among states, regional economic communities and sub-regional networks of quality infrastructure associations. Specialist technical consultancy is provided on harmonisation, benchmarking (inter comparisons and proficiency testing) and technology transfer.

The methodical approach is based on different concepts of capacity building, organizational development and policy advice and is mainly focused on the pillars of standardization, industrial/legal metrology as well as accreditation. Furthermore, systemic interaction of the QI system within Africa is supported.


The project is embedded in PTB‘s strategy “Quality for Africa”. It builds therefore the political superstructure of - and establishes the technical link between - the individual sub-regional technical networks and is mainly effective at the macro and at the meso level. The understanding of the abstract term of “quality” and its implementation into concrete cross-sectoral instructions is promoted. The African institutions which form the infrastructure for quality will establish the framework conditions in accordance with international agreements and thereby achieve a better acceptance of African products. Thanks to the recognition and, if applicable, the harmonization of procedures and technical requirements, technical barriers to trade will be removed. This will facilitate the exchange of goods and services and, thus, the promotion of trade.


EU: ACP EU TBT Programme “Overcoming Technical Barriers to Trade”

UNIDO: “Institutional strengthening of the Intra-Africa Metrology System, AFRIMETS”

Support of a Pan-African quality infrastructure

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ)

2013 – 2016


PAQI Joint Committee Chairperson
Dr. Hermogène Nsengimana
Phone: +254 020 224561

PTB Project Coordinators

Kathrin Wunderlich

Phone: +49 531 592 8227