Supporting the national quality infrastructure in the

Palestinian Territories

The Palestinian Quality Policy is accepted and the service offer of the QI system in the fields of metrology, accreditation and medical laboratory services has been improved in accordance with the demand.

The project focuses on the development and implementation of a National Quality Policy (NQP). The NQP defines the roles, responsibilities as well as interactions of the institutions that are part of the quality infrastructure (QI). Following a multi-level approach, the project enhances the basic elements of the QI: metrology and accreditation. Different institutional capacity building measures support the Palestine Standards Institution (PSI) in the area of legal and industrial metrology (e. g. verification of road tankers and control of pre-packages). Through providing calibration services, the measurement capacities of PSI are expanded. Moreover, the project implements a sequence of trainings of assessor for medical laboratories and supports four selected medical laboratories in Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarem and Al Ubeidiya in the implementation of quality management systems.

The NQP provides the framework and the guidance for achieving an international recognition of the Palestinian QI. In due consideration of the given political context, this is a fairly long-term but essential challenge on the way to improved consumer protection and competiveness of Palestinian products and services.  An improved coordination among stakeholders of the QI facilitates an effective and cost-efficient service delivery to consumers, traders and producers. Examples are access to near-by and cost-efficient testing facilities issuing internationally recognized test certificates or reliable calibration services increasing the quality of production. Moreover, enhanced quality assurance promotes consumer protection, e.g. in the area of health. Quality management systems in medical laboratories, which follow international standards, generate more reliable test results (e.g. blood or urine) and therefore raise the scope and quality of diagnosis and therapy.

Supporting the national quality infrastructure in the Palestine Territories

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

2012 – 2015


Ministry of National Economy
Manal F. Shkokani
Director of Industry and Natural Ressources
Phone: +97022981214

Palestine Standards Institution (PSI)
Mohammed Al Sayyed
Director International Cooperation
Phone: +97022984144


PTB Project Coordinator

Elisabeth Niendorf
Phone: +49 531 592 8264