Quality Infrastructure in support to sustainable economic development

and trade capacities in the Middle East

National Quality Systems improve their service offer according to the demand and international requirements.

The project offers seminars, workshops, Blended Learning, regional and national dialogue- und coordination forums as well as technical consultancy and training audits for the bilateral partner countries of the German development cooperation in the Middle East (Egypt, Yemen,  the Palestinian territories as well Jordan). Iraq and Lebanon are included in selected project activities in order to promote regional cooperation initiatives.

The project involves a broad range of stakeholders on different levels. Ministries and private sector institutions, e.g. chambers of commerce and business associations, are sensitized for the importance of Quality Infrastructure in the context of trade promotion. Furthermore, Chambers of Commerce are trained concerning “Export Quality Management”, and get involved as multipliers through a “Training-of-Trainers” concept. Their members from the business community shall bene t from a transfer of the acquired knowhow. Additionally, calibration- and testing labs that are relevant for trade are supported to improve their conformity assessment services. This enhances competitiveness, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and is a requirement for access to national, regional and international markets.

Quality Infrastructure is a largely technical  eld, due to international standards and regulations there is little room for individual solutions. Thus, even between states that are very different from each other, a common denominator can be found. Uni ed objectives can be reached by a coordinated procedure that makes use of Quality Infrastructure services. Mutual learning with rotating mentors and peers is not easy in the target region, but meaningful from a technical and systemic perspective. From the point of view of development policy, it is challenging but promising to reveal these potentials, as the implementation of this approach promotes economic development, which enhances trade and consumer protection at the same time.

Quality Infrastructure in support to sustainable economic development and trade capacities in the Middle East

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

2013 – 2016

PTB Project Coordinator

Elisabeth Niendorf
Phone: +49 531 592 8264