Metrology-Enabling Developing Economies in Asia (MEDEA)

Economic development in Asia is characterized by the rapid growth of some economies and the emergence of new economic areas. Especially the less developed economies are confronted with the challenge to meet the increasing quality requirements of regional and global markets. At the same time, the pressure to harmonize their technical regulations with international standards is growing. For example, this is the case with the WTO agreements on technical barriers to trade (TBT) and on the application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS). Both trends underline the need to establish an internationally recognized quality infrastructure (QI).

In this context, metrology is of particular importance, because it forms the basis for all conformity assessment procedures. The lack of access to internationally recognized metrology services in the developing economies in Asia particularly reduces the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, as they are not in a position –unlike large companies– to make use of service providers abroad, or to build up their own laboratory structure.

The networks of APMP (Asia Pacific Metrology Program) and APLMF (Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum) assume crucial functions regarding the development of metrology in the developing economies of the region. An active participation in these networks is of considerable importance in order to keep up with the latest developments and to ensure internationally recognized certification procedures, especially for developing economies with limited bilateral specialist contacts. APMP and APLMF can significantly contribute to the development, harmonization and international recognition of the national metrology systems (potential) by providing specific offers for National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Legal Metrology Authorities (LMAs) in the developing economies in Asia.

Metrology-Enabling Developing Economies in Asia

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

Commission value
2 000 000 EUR

Implementing agency
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB),
National Metrology Institute, Germany

January 2014 - December 2017

Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP)
Mr. Abdul Rashid B. Zainal Abidin
Asia Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF)
Mrs. Marian Haire

PTB Project Coordinator
Dr. Sabine Greiner, Phone +49-531-592-8266

Título Fecha Lugar Organizadores
Work package APLMF1: Train the Trainer Course on the Verification of Bulk Flowmetering Systems using a Master Meter 24.–27.07.2017 Pattaya City, Thailand PTB, APLMF, CBWM (Thailand)
Work package APLMF1: Training Course on Traceability in Rice Moisture Measurement 17.–21.07.2017 Sepang, Malaysia PTB, KRISS-GMA, APLMF, NMIM, Kett
Work Package Joint 1: Joint APLMF/APMP Workshop on National Metrology Infrastructure 22.–23.05.2017 Melacca, Malaysia PTB, APMP, APLMF, NMIM
Work Package APMP6: Length and Dimensional Metrology 19.05.–03.06.2017 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP6: Metrology in Mass and Related Quantities 20.–31.03.2017 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APLMF1: Train-the-Trainer Course on the Verification of Non-automatic Weighing Instruments 28.11.–01.12.2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia APLMF, PTB, NMIA, KPDNKK
Work Package APMP4: Workshop on Proficiency Testing 10.–13.10.2016 Bangkok, Thailand NIMT, DSS
Work Package APMP6: Workshop on Laser Interferometers for Length Measurement 03.–07.10.2016 Tsukuba, Japan APMP, PTB, NMIJ
Work Package APMP3: Technical workshop and inter-laboratory comparison exercise for GPS time-transfer and calibration techniques 27.–29.09.2016 Yangmei, Taiwan APMP, PTB, TL, NIM (China), NMIA, NICT
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on Mass Standards 30.08.–01.09.2016 Jakarta, Indonesia APLMF, PTB, NMIJ, DOM
Work Package APMP4: Attachment Trainings for Metrology in Chemistry 15.08.–30.09.2016 Beijing, China, Daejeon, Korea APMP, NIM (China), KRISS
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on the Verification of Fuel Dispensers 11.–13.07.2016 Pattaya City, Thailand APLMF, PTB, DIT, NMIA
KRISS-Global Metrology Academy: Metrology in Electricity & Magnetism 13.–24.06.2016 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP2: APLMF Instrument Bank 31.05.2016 Sydney, Australia PTB, NMIA
KRISS-Global Metrology Academy: Metrology in Chemistry 21.03.–01.04.2016 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP3: Kickoff Workshop for Inter-laboratory Comparison Exercise for Hydraulic Pressure Standard 25.–29.01.2016 Pathum Thani, Thailand APMP, NIMT, NMIJ, PTB
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on Traceability in Rice Moisture Measurement 16.–20.11.2015 Phnom Penh, Cambodia APLMF, Kett, NMC, NMIJ, PTB
Work Package APMP3: Concluding Workshop for International Supplementary Comparison on Digital Multimeter (P1-APMP.EM-S8) 05.–07.11.2015 Beijing, China APMP, NIM (China), NMIA, NPLI, PTB
Work Package APMP3: Workshop on the Calibration of Laboratory Scales 28.–30.09.2015 Beijing, China APMP, APLMF, PTB, NIM (China)
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on the Verification and Calibration of CNG Dispensers 08.–11.09.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia APLMF, PTB, SIRIM Berhad, Petronas Dagangan Berhad
KRISS-Global Metrology Academy: Ionizing Radiation 31.08.–11.09.2015 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP6: 13th Workshop of APMP/TCQM Gas Analysis Working Group "Metrology demands and measurement priorities in gas analysis" 03.–05.08.2015 Bangkok, Thailand APMP (TCQM/GAWG)
Work Package APMP5: NMI Quality System Based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and CMCs Preparation in Electrical Measurement 20.–24.07.2015 Manila, Philippines APLMF, APMP, PTB, MSL, NIMT, NML, SCL
Work Package Joint 4: Strategic and Performance Management for Directors 08.–10.07.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia APLMF, APMP, PTB, SIRIM Berhad
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on Taxi Meters 07.–10.07.2015 Shanghai, China APLMF, PTB, AQSIQ
Work Package APLMF1: Train-the-Trainer Course on the Verification of Fuel Dispensers 15.–19.06.2015 Pattaya City, Thailand APLMF, PTB, DIT, NMIA
KRISS-Global Metrology Academy: Flow Measurement and Calibration (FMC) 01.–12.06.2015 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on Pre-packaged Goods 18.–21.05.2015 Bandung, Indonesia APLMF, PTB
Work Package Joint 3: Kick-off Workshop for International Cooperation Group 24.–27.03.2015 Braunschweig, Germany PTB
KRISS-Global Metrology Academy: Metrology in General 23.–27.03.2015 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP6: DEC Workshop on Participation in Coordinated Universal Time 06.–07.11.2014 Beijing, China NIM (China), PTB
Work Package APMP6: TCEM-DEC Training Workshop . Metrology in Electricity and Magnetism 19.–20.09.2014 Daejeon, Korea APMP TCEM, APMP DEC, PTB, NMIJ, KRISS-GMA
Work Package APMP6: Training Course on Calibration of laser frequency using lodine Stabilized He-Ne laser and optical comb 28.07.–01.08.2014 Bangkok, Thailand NIMT, NMIJ
Joint APLMF APMP PTB Operational Planning Workshop for the Metrology: Enabling Developing Economies within Asia (MEDEA) Project 30.05.–01.06.2011 Jakarta, Indonesia KIM-LIPI, PTB

International Cooperation Group

This site provides information about the institutes that offer training programs and support in the area of metrology for developing economies in Asia.

A group of representatives from these institutes has first met from March 24th to 27th, 2015 in Braunschweig/ Germany (Kick-off Workshop Report).


Official contact points for developing economies at the different institutes are:

Economy Institute Legal/Scientific Metrology Contact Person E-Mail
Australia National Measurement Institute Legal/Industrial Dr. Angela Samuel Angela.Samuel@measurement.gov.au
Chinese Taipei CMS / ITRI Industrial Mrs. Hui-Chung Ma hcma@itri.org.tw
Hongkong SCL Industrial Mr. Dennis Lee wklee@itc.gov.hk
India NPLI Industrial Mrs. Dr. Rina Sharma rina@nplindia.org
Indonesia Directorate of Metrology Ministry of Trade Legal Mr. Aris Kusnander aris.kusnandar@live.com
Korea KTC Legal Mr. Kwangmin Park legend618@ktc.re.kr
Korea KRISS Scientific Mr. Sangwook Seo swseo@kriss.re.kr
Thailand Central Bureau of Weights and Measures (CMWB) Legal Mr. Sakchai Hasamin sakchai.h@dit.mail.go.th
Thailand NIMT Industrial Mrs. Dr. Sivinee Sawatdiaree sivinee@nimt.or.th

Useful Links and Documents:

Economy Institute Training
Australia National Measurement Institute Link to NMIA Trainings
Korea Global Metrology Academy of KRISS Link to KRISS-GMA Trainings
Malaysia National Metrology Institute Link to NMIM Trainings

Overview of Work Packages under MEDEA

No. Title Coordinator Confirmed Documents (members only)
Joint1 Development of National Metrology Infrastructure in DEs Grahame Harvey

Abdul Rashid Bin Zainal Abidin
Marian Haire

Tsuyoshi Matsumoto

Toshiyuki Takatsuji

Su Guo
Joint2 Raise Awareness for Metrology Stephen O'Brien

Osman Zakaria
Tim Armstrong

Su Guo

Angela Samuel

Tsuyoshi Matsumoto

Santosh Sharma
Joint3 International Cooperation Group Anna Cypionka none
Joint4 Management and Stakeholder Communication Skills Anna Cypionka Niels Ferdinand

Angela Samuel

Alan Johnston

Su Guo
APLMF1 Fundamental and Advanced Courses in Legal Metrology Marian Haire Stephen O'Brien

Tsuyoshi Matsumoto

Su Guo
APMP2 Instrument Bank Toshiyuki Takatsuji Shaheen Raja
APMP3 Technical Training Abdul Rashid Bin Zainal Abidin Toshiyuki Takatsuji

Peter Manson
APMP4 Metrology in Chemistry Charun Yafa Ma Liandi

Rosi Ketrin

Shankar Aggrawal
APMP5 CMC Publication Abdul Rashid Bin Zainal Abidin Ajchara Charoensook

Peter Manson

Toshiyuki Takatsuji

Rohana Ediriweera

Jong-seon Park
(TCQS Chair)
APMP6 Specific TC Projects Toshiyuki Takatsuji All TC Chairs  

The "Overview of Work Packages under MEDEA" is also available as a PDF.

MEDEA Coordination Committee

Current members of the coordination committee are as follows:

Abdul Rashid Bin Zainal Abidin - APMP Coordinator
Toshiyuki Takatsuji - APMP Technical Comittees (TCs) Focal Person
Charun Yafa - APMP MiC (Metrology in Chemistry) Focal Person

Tsuyoshi Matsumoto –APLMF WG (Working Group) Chair Rice Moisture Measurement
Marian Haire - APLMF WG Chair Training
Stephen O'Brien - APLMF President

Dr. Sabine Greiner - PTB Project Coordinator


Former members of the coordination committee:

Su Guo - APLMF Secretary

Kristin Kiesow - PTB Project Coordinator



The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Coordination Committee of the Project "Promoting Regional Cooperation in Metrology in Asia" can be downloaded here.

Contact Persons for the Project

PTB Dr. Sabine Greiner sabine.greiner@ptb.de
APMP Mr. Abdul Rashid B. Zainal Abidin abdraszabidin@gmail.com
APLMF Mrs. Marian Haire marian.haire@measurement.gov.au