Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity & Climate Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

Implementing efficient legal and private-law provisions in order to protect biodiversity and to act against climate change requires an effective and efficient, demand-oriented quality infrastructure (QI). The QI institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean are not yet able to provide the requested QI services to a sufficient extent.

The project aims to improve the QI services which serve the protection of biodiversity and of climate in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Hereby, the existing internationally interconnected and recognized QI structures are to be consolidated. This reduces the risk of creating isolated solutions and cost-intensive redundant structures which would induce high costs for the users of QI services, for the consumers, industry and the governments. In addition, this project is intended to promote regional cooperation and integration. The project is aimed at supporting the transition process towards a "green economy" from the viewpoint of both industry and the consumers. It is planned to focus on:

  • regional exchange with regard to ISO sustainability standards and development of standards on biodiversity and climate protection;
  • improving the metrological system in the fields of biodiversity and climate protection;
  • developing and implementing programmes for validation, verification and certification in the fields of biodiversity and climate protection, and
  • developing and implementing new accreditation programmes related to biodiversity and climate protection.

The structure envisaged for the project is a fund-type structure. It is supposed to provide an optimum gearing of the project activities to the different national and sub-regional framework conditions. National and regional QI institutions submitted project proposals with respect to both sets of topics "Biodiversity" and "Climate Protection"; these proposals were assessed and selected by a Project Steering Committee (PSC) according to well-defined criteria. The fund-type structure of the project allows the different needs of the QI institutions to be addressed with more flexibility, trendsetting projects to be implemented exemplarily and different QI elements to be used along the value chains, both in the individual countries and in the region.

The lead executing agency is the Organization of American States (OAS). The regional organizations of standardization (Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas, COPANT), of metrology (Sistema Interamericano de Metrología, SIM) and of accreditation (Inter American Accreditation Cooperation, IAAC) primarily act as strategic partners, their member organizations are directly involved in the implementation.

Components of promotion are specialized, organizational and process consultation measures, e.g., to support harmonization processes within the scope of short-term measures carried out by international experts, as well as training measures, comparison measurements, seminars and exchange of experience for employees of national and regional QI institutions in all fields that are related to the topics of biodiversity and climate protection.

The funding volume of the project amounts to 2 000 000 euros from 2013 to 2017. The target group of the project are the governments of the partner countries as well as industry, trade and commerce, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and private households. The intermediaries are the national and regional QI institutions.

Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity & Climate Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

Source of finance
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

Commission value
4 000 000 EUR

Implementing agency
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB),
National Metrology Institute, Germany

2014 – 2021

Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA)
César Parga, Phone: +1-202-370-5421

Sistema Interamericano de Metrología (SIM)
Claudia Santo, Phone: +598-2-6013724 int 1296

Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas (COPANT)
Kory Eguino, Phone +591 2 2774517, keguino(at)copant.org

InterAmerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC)
Victor Gandy, Phone +52-77-7316-2564

PTB Project Coordinators
Anna Kruip, Phone: + 49 531 592-8265

Angelika König, Phone: +49 531 592-8535
Fax: +49 531 592-8225

Study: Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Comunicación y Marketing

Esquemas Presentaciones

Title Date Place Organizers
Testificación 19.–21.12.2017 Santiago de Chile, Chile PTB, CERTFOR
Capacitación PEFC para auditores de cadena de custodia 08.–27.07.2017 Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico SAE, ONAC, ema, PTB
Accreditation Body Training & PTB Meeting 18.–20.01.2017 Geneva, Switzerland PEFC, PTB
PEFC Forest Certification Week 2016 14.–18.11.2016 Bali, Indonesia PEFC

Additional financial support

In the framework of the regional project “Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Climate Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean", financial support for short term activities related to quality infrastructure for climate change or biodiversity is offered.

Please refer to the attached application form for more information on eligible activities, target group and selection process.

To apply for funds, please fill out and sign the application form (in English OR Spanish and send it minimum 8 weeks before the activity to Angelika König (angelika.koenig@ptb.de) AND Anna Kruip (anna.kruip@ptb.de) AND the following members of the Project Steering Committee (PSC):

o    For metrology: Jose Dajes (jdajes@inacal.gob.pe),

o    For accreditation/certification/verification: secretary of IAAC (secretariat@iaac.org.mx),

o    For standardization: secretary of COPANT (copant@copant.org)

Reports on supported activities

Title Date Place Organizers
Third Call for Subproject Proposals 13.02.–30.04.2017 Virtual PTB
Second call for Proposals for the project Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Climate Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean. 07.09.2015–30.01.2016 Virtual PTB

Third Call for Subproject Proposals

Date:              13.02.-30.04.2017

Place:             Virtual, International

Organizers:    PTB




Second Call for Proposals for the project Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Climate Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Date:             07.09.2015-31.01.2016

Place:            Virtual, International

Organizers:   PTB