Titre Date Lieu Organisateurs
Training Course on Verification of Rice Moisture Meters 03.–07.12.2018 Pattaya City, Thailand APLMF, PTB, CBWM, DIT
1st CABUREK Meeting in Asia 30.10.–01.11.2018 Bangkok, Thailand PTB, NIMT
MEDEA 2 Kick-Off Workshop at the APMP Mid-year Meeting 04.–05.07.2018 Hong Kong APMP, PTB, SCL
Small Training Course for APLMF WG on Quality Measurement of Agricultural Products (QMAP) 03.–06.07.2018 Nonthaburi, Thailand APLMF, PTB, CBWM
Training Course on Metrology in Gas Analysis (GA) 18.–27.06.2018 Daejeon, Korea KRISS-GMA
Training Course on the Verification of Non-automatic Weighing Instruments including Weighbridges 08.–11.05.2018 Sepang, Malaysia APLMF, PTB, NMIM