Quality Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

In Latin America and the Caribbean, interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy (R3E) is constantly growing. The effective implementation of the national development plans and energy policies requires the institutions of a national quality infrastructure (QI) to be functioning efficiently and to offer metrology, testing, standardization, accreditation and certification capabilities. Measuring energy quantities reliably, testing and certifying power production facilities and accrediting testing laboratories for the determination of the energy consumption of electrical appliances are only a few examples of the required services. Establishing these technical requirements and harmonising criteria and their application have a positive influence on the national and regional trade with energy and with energy-efficient electrical appliances, since they contribute to increasing market transparency, the quality of the traded products and to reducing export costs.


The volume of the project amounts to 3 million EUR (2016-2020). The target group of the project are the consumers of electrical energy and the users of equipment producing electricity from renewable energy sources – especially private households and SMEs. The intermediaries are the regional and national QI institutions, as well as the regulatory authorities and the electric utilities. Modes of delivery for the support measures are the provision of short term experts for subject-related, organizational and process consultation measures, e.g., to support harmonization processes as well as training measures, seminars and exchange of experience for employees of regional and national QI institutions in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.


The development of national accreditation bodies, metrology and standardization institutes in Latin America and the Caribbean is supported by Pan-American umbrella organizations to which they are affiliated: the Sistema Interamericana de Metrología (SIM), the Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas (COPANT) and the InterAmerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC). The regional project aims to strengthen the capabilities of these regional QI organizations and of their national members in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and to promote mutual coordination. The focus of the first phase lies on the following topics, identified as priorities by the partners and experts during the preparation phase:

  • Quality assurance for solar thermal equipment for water heating
  • Smart and traditional metering for national electricity grids
  • Reliable determination and documentation (e.g. labeling) of the energy efficiency of household appliances


SIM, COPANT and IAAC serve as the project partners, implementing activities in cooperation with PTB. The leading political partner is the Organization of American States (OAS). The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) are involved as strategic partners and consultants with regard to energy policy issues.

Titre Date Lieu Organisateurs
Operative Planning... 03.–04.11.2017 Bogotá, Colombia PTB, INM

Awareness & Cooperation

Titre Date Lieu Organisateurs
Workshop aligned with CASCO Plenary 2019 29.04.2019 Nairobi, Kenya PTB
Learning & Applying ISO/ IEC 17011 16.–17.03.2019 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PTB, IAAC
Workshop on the new version of ISO/IEC 17011 10.–11.03.2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina PTB
Workshop on the new version of ISO/IEC 17025 26.–28.02.2018 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala PTB
Support program for COPANT members NSBs - complementary element: Regional Event IEC - ACAS - COPANT 14.–15.11.2017 Lima, Peru INACAL, COPANT
Workshop Legal Metrology 04.10.2017 San Salvador, El Salvador SIM
Training Course on ISO/ IEC 17011 26.–29.09.2017 Gettysburg, USA IAAC
Workshop “Interpretation of the ISO/IEC 17021-1:20151 and IAF MD applicable focused on the implementation of an accreditation programme for Energy Management System, ISO 50001” 09.–11.05.2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina IAAC, PTB, NAB
Support program for COPANT member NSBs – complementary element: "Regional event on participation and harmonizing positions in ISO/CASCO 25.–27.04.2017 Vancouver, Canada COPANT, PTB
Implementing ISO IEC 17043 and ISO 13528: Challenges for Quality Infrastructure Organizations in Latin America & the Caribbean 20.–23.03.2017 Panama City, Panama SIM, IAAC, NMIJ, NMIA, NMIM, PTB
Support program for COPANT member NSBs – complementary element: Regional Event IEC ACAS COPANT 23.11.2016–25.11.2017 Costa Rica PTB, COPANT
Workshop for training IAAC Peer Evaluators 27.09.–29.07.2016 Santiago de Chile, Chile IAAC, PTB


Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Project Management