Promoting innovation in the Green Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean by including Quality Infrastructure

•    Reducing the environmental and social costs of economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean requires innovative approaches for sustainable businesses.
•    The potential of quality infrastructure to promote sustainable business/Green Economy is not currently exploited in the region.
•    The needs of the Green Economy for QI services and the potential of QI services to foster Green Economy are not fully analyzed and identified.
•    Actors of the Green Economy and Institutions of Quality Infrastructure do not yet maintain continuous communication and cooperation relations.

Project objective:
The conditions for the development of the Green Economy are improved by the inclusion of new and improved services of quality infrastructure.

•    Needs assessment of Green Economy for QI services and promotion of communication and cooperation between actors of the Green Economy and Quality Infrastructure Institutions,
•    Development of quality assuring services for the Green Economy, and
•    Testing/trial of quality infrastructure services for the Green Economy

Possible thematic scopes:
•    Private standard setters
•    Waste management/Recycling
•    Smart cities & smart mobility (sustainable transport)
•    Clean production
•    Global value chains
•    Green buildings