Strengthening the quality infrastructure for trade and consumer protection in the SADC region in accordance with the SADC Trade Protocol TBT Annex


Providing necessary technical and human capacities for the implementation of an efficient quality infrastructure within the SADC region in accordance with the Technical Barriers to Trade Annex to the SADC Trade Protocol, thereby ensuring consumer protection while pursuing the SADC objective of increasing regional economic integration.


The SADC TIFI Directorate (Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment) will be further qualified for accelerating the integration process and boosting trade of SADC Member States. The political provisions and harmonization efforts are transferred to the Member States in a concerted process via the already well-established Quality Infrastructure structures in the fields of accreditation, legal/industrial metrology, standards and technical regulations. At the national level, the Quality Infrastructure institutions will be qualified to provide their services in a demand-oriented and internationally recognized way. This enhances the international reputation of QI services

Process-oriented consultancy is provided in the field of organizational development and technical support. The expertise available in the region is used. Various formats of Human Capacity Development and awareness-raising measures are carried out addressing different target groups.


The SADC Protocol on Trade is the legal basis of the Free Trade Association. The trade protocol is supplemented by the “Technical Barriers to Trade Annex, 2008” which is explicitly oriented towards a reduction of these technical barriers to trade (TBT). The implementation of the TBT Annex poses great challenges to the Member States, as both the capacities and the competences within the scope of the Quality Infrastructure are not sufficiently developed – neither at the regional nor at the national level –to comply with the requirements of the regional economic integration and at the same time ensure consumer protection. The present political willingness to reinforce regional and international trade provides promising potential and accelerates the integration process.


GIZ: “Strengthening of economic and trade related capacities and competences in SADC”

European Union: “Regional Economic Integration Support Programme” (REIS)