Workshop on Labelling Programs for Energy Efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean: Experiences and Best Practices

Petrópolis - Brazil, July 2013

Programm and Presentation

July 10 2013 Activity Responsible
08:30 Registration  
09:00 Part 1: Opening and Introduction  
  Opening Christian Göthner
  Welcome Alfredo Lobo INMETRO
  Welcome Fabián Yaksic
  Welcome and presentation of the PTB-OAS-SIM-COPANT-IAAC-Project Ulf Hillner
  Explication objectives, program and methodology Christian Göthner
09:45 Part 2: Presentation of best practices of different Labeling Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean  
  The Experiences of the Brazilian Labelling Program (BPE) and the needs for cooperation and harmonization in LAC INMETRO (Gustavo Kuster)
  The Labelling Program in Argentina: Results and Challenges Secr. de Energia (Hermán Furfaro)
  Labelling Programs in Mexico: Experiences and Challenges CONUEE (Ybo Pulido)
  Labelling Programs in Chile: Resullts and Challenges INN/SEC (José Arredondo)
  Short discussion Christian Göthner
11:00 Coffee Break  
  Energy Efficiency Programs in Costa Rica INTECO (Alexandra Rodriguez)
  Labeling Programs and its results on a small Caribbean island. The example of Saint Lucia SLBS (Sheldon Julien)
  The Eastern Caribbean Energy Labelling Project: Some Challenges encountered & future opportunities CREDP-GIZ/ECELP (Devon Gardner)
  Programs of Energy Efficiency on Cuba NC (Ramses Calzadilla)
  Panel discussion:
What are the lessons learnt and the main challenges for the development and implementation of labelling schemes in LAC?
Moderator: Christian Göthner
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Saint Lucia, CREDP-GIZ
13:15 Lunch  
14:45 Part 3: The Technical and Normative Base for Labeling Programs and Indicators for Measuring Energy Efficiency  
  The normative work in LAC for labelling programs COPANT (Fabian Yaksic)
  Traceability of measurement: An indispensable base for testing electrical household appliances.
Current Status
SIM (Gregory Kyriazis)
  Labelling programs and Accreditation: Are the NABS well prepared? IAAC (Rogelio Valencia)
  Panel Discussion:
Are the LAC quality services sufficiently devoloped as a technical base for the implementation of labeling programs?
Moderator: Ulf Hillner
Participants: Yaksic Kyriazis, Valencia
16:15 Coffee Break  
16:30 Part 4: Regional and International Organizations working with an EE approach  
  The importance of standards and QI for fulfilling IRENA's mission Francisco Boshell
  Energy Efficiency in the work of OLADE Nestor Luna
  CLASP and the improvement for energy efficiency Eric Gibbs
  The Enlighten Initiative of UNEP Javier Otero
  Panel Discussion:
Should the QI institutions be integrated into the work of international and regional organizations working about Energy Efficiency and in which manner?
Moderator: Marco Aurélia Lima de Oliveira
Participants: Francisco Boshell, Nestor Luna, Eric Gibbs, Javier Otero
18:00 Part 5: Poster Session  
  The representatives of the labeling programs of the different countries present their posters
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Saint Lucia, and others
19:30 Closure  
July 11 2013 Activity Responsible
09:00 Part 6: Lessons learnt: European Labeling Programmes  
  Wrap-up (summary of the first day) Moderators
  DKE Standardization Work in the field of Energy Efficiency in the international and European environment Martina Rischer (DKE, Germany)
  Labelling Programs for Energy Efficiency: Experiences and Best Practices from the Eu Juraj Krivosik (SEVEn, CSR)
  Pros and cons of the consumer Energy Labelling Program from the viewpoint of the consumer Karin Both (DIN, Germany)
  ISO/IEC standards as a base for comparable and reliable test results Christoph Tuerk, (VDE Institute, Germany)
  EU Directive and Labeling Programs. The case of Portugal Nuno Baptista (ADENE)
  Panel session:
What are international lessons learnt and which of them can be applied in the LAC countries?
Moderator: Gustavo Kuster
Participants: Rischer, Krivosik, Both, Tuerk, Baptista
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Part 7: Group Work  
  Introduction in to the Group Work
Begin of Group Work
Christian Göthner
Christian Göthner
Imilce Zuta
Ulf Hillner
13:00 Lunch  
  Group Work (cont.) Christian Göthner
Christian Göthner
Imilce Zuta
Ulf Hillner
  Presentation of the results of the group work  
16:00 Coffee Break  
  Final Debate and elaboration of recommendations and conclusions  
17:00 Part 8: Evaluation of the deminar  
17:30 Closure  
July 12 2013 Activity Responsible
08:45 Registration  
09:00 Opening  
  Opening Christian Göthner
  Explanation of objective, method and program Christian Göthner
  Presentation and discussion of the summary of the seminar Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
10:00 Erlaboration of conclusions in Working groups  
  Elaborating conclusions for the project and other activities in working groups:
- Exchange of experiences between regulatory agencies and labeling programs
- Conclusions and recommendations for the work of COPANT CT 152/151
- Traceability chain, testing labs and PTs
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Summarizing and compiling conclusions and recommendations  
  Presentation and cross-checking of the results  
  Next steps  
12:30 Evaluation Christian Göthner
12:50 Closure  
13:00 Lunch