Quality assurance for Solar Water Heaters: Tasks for the Quality Infrastructure

Mexico-City - Mexico, September 2012

Programm and Presentation

Quality assurance for Solar Water Heaters: Tasks for the Quality Infrastructure

25.09 Activity Responsible
08:30 Registration  
09:00 Opening and Introduction into the Project  
  Welcome by EMA (Entidad Mexicana de Metrología) Rogelio Valencia
  Welcome by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) Patrick Frommberg
  Information about the project, explanation of program and methodology of the workshop Christian Göthner
  Presentation of the participants Christian Göthner
  The SWH-Industry in selected countries – status quo, trends and potentials Carlos Faria Café, Studio Equinocio
  Mexico: Introduction to SWH – why do we need quality assurance? Roberto Best, CIE-UNAM
  Questions and answers Christian Göthner
10:20 Part 1: Demand for quality assurance in national and international SWH programs  
  Argentina: Quality Assurance for the "Solar energy in social housing." INTI Martin Cordi, INTI
  Brazil: Brazilian Labelling Programme on Solar thermal Danielle Assafin Vieira, INMETRO
  Mexico: Quality Assurance for the "Hypoteca Verde" Martin Montoya, INFONAVIT
  Questions and Answers Imilce Zuta
11:15 -
Coffee Break  
  Barbados: Tax concession to households with SWH and SWH in Gov. Housing program William Hinds, Ministry of Energy
  Chile: Calidad asegurada para calentadores solares de agua . Las experiencias de Chile. Roberto Peñaloza, INN
  Trinidad: The role of testing in the elaboration of a new national SWH programme Doodnath Singh, TBS
  Questions and Answers Imilce Zuta
12:40 -
  EU: The Solar Keymark Network Harald Drück, ITW Stuttgart / Solar Keymark
  Questions and Answers Christian Göthner
14:50 Part 2: Quality assurance – needs and expectations of industry and trade  
  Barbados: “Temperature guarantee” issued by Solar Dynamics James Husbands, Solar Dynamics
  Mexico: Current situation for producers in Mexico, with view on the existing regulations and programs Christian Davila, Green Momentum
  Brazil: Adaption to mandatory certification programme by Brazilian producers Oscar de Mattos, Heliotek
  Questions and Answers Christian Göthner
  Coffee Break  
  Discussion: What are the demands for QI? To what degree are QI-services applied in these programs? Is the LAC QI sufficiently involved? Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
17:00 Closure Christian Göthner
26.09 Activity Responsible
08:30 Part 3: Relevant QI-Services for SWH Quality Assurance – Metrology, Accreditation, Standardisation  
  Opening and Wrap-Up Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
  COPANT: results of survey on standardization activities in the region and their impact on SWH quality assurance, and strategy for involvement in international standardization processes Douglas Messina
  SIM: results of the survey on traceability of relevant measurands and next steps to improve their traceability (other than solar irradiation). Ofelia Robatto (Chair WG Temperatura SIM, LATU)
  IAAC: Results of survey on existing accreditation services for relevant conformity assessment bodies and plan to bridge gaps and strengthen these services Víctor Gandy /
Laura Pastore
  Attempts for global harmonization of testing, certification, standards & their implementation Harald Drück, ITW Stuttgart
  Questions and Answers Maria Imilce Zuta
10:30 Part 4: Relevant QI-Services for SWH Quality Assurance – Testing, Certification, Training  
  Testing: How to meet the demand for increased testing capacities - experiences of the design, construction and operation of a Mexican test laboratory for certification of SWH according to NORMEX, PROCALSOL, DIT standards Alberto Valdés, UACM
10:45 -
Coffee Break  
  Training and Certification of SWH-Installers Santiago Mata, GIZ
  Questions and Answers Christian Göthner
12:10 Part 5: Round Table: Gaps, Challenges and Possible Ways Forward  
  Input Salvador Echeverría, CENAM, Mexico
  Panel Discussion Moderation: Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
  Evaluation of the Seminar Part Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
13:30 Closure Victor Gandy / Patrick Frommberg

Workshop on Special issues, September 27, 2012 (limited access, with invitation)

27.09 Activity Responsible
08:30 Working Groups  
09:00 Summary of the results of the day before (wrap up): Quality and performance requirements for SWH and the existing gaps on the side of QI institutions Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
09:30 Explanation of the objectives and the methodology of the group work


(1) Product and testing standards for Solar Water Heaters in Latin America and the Caribbean

(2) Latin American and Caribbean regulation practices in the field of SWH

(3) Testing and certification capacities for SWH in the Latin American and Caribbean countries

(4) Market surveillance and inspections
Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
09:50 Group Work Themes 1 and 2 Groups are moderated by Christian Göthner and Imilce Zuta
11:00 Group Work Themes 1 and 2 Groups are moderated by Christian Göthner and Imilce Zuta
11:30 Presentation Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch  
14:00 Group Work Themes 3 and 4 Groups are moderated by Christian Göthner and Imilce Zuta
16:00 Coffee Break  
16:30 Presentation Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
17:00 Clarification of the scope of the project. What can be supported by the ressources of the project? Christian Göthner
17.10 Final Forum Discussion including oral and written evaluation Christian Göthner and Imilce Zuta
17:45 Closure Christian Göthner

Planning Session (only representatives of the project partners and invited experts)

28.09 Activity Responsible
08:30 Summary of Activities developed previous day Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
09:00 Planning session (priorization, deadlines, ressources)  
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Confirmation of Responsibilities and time schedules  
12:30 Evaluation Christian Göthner / Imilce Zuta
13:00 Closure Patrick Frommberg