Overview NMI – Metrology User Relations

The aim of the „NMI – Metrology User Relations“ program is to enhance competitiveness and innovation through a wider, better and more efficient use of the capabilities of the NMIs in Latin America and the Caribbean by industry, commerce, regulators and other users. The SIM Council and the technical cooperation of PTB recognized that valuable experiences have been made in the SIM region to foster the relationship between the NMIs and the users. Thus the idea to organize the program as an exchange of experiences was born. The first workshop took place at CENAM, Mexico (2009). During the workshop, several types of metrological services usually provided by NMIs were analyzed by the group.  The participants of the first phase (March 2009-November 2011) decided to concentrate on establishing or fostering the following metrology services in their NMIs:

Group Calibration

For that, the participants established individual action plans whose implementation is organized through three working groups and accompanied by coaching, regular web conferences and workshops.

Due to the success of the programme “NMI – Metrology User Relations, PTB submitted a project proposal to the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2010.  The Project proposal was approved.

In the frame of the SIM GA (Buenos Aires, 2011) the programme and achieved results were presented to the NMI Directors. Fifteen of them expressed their interest to participate in the second phase. Finally, seventeen directors signed and submitted a commitment letter and nomination of participant indicating working group to participate with. The selected topics to work with were the regarding to the fostering of the relationship with:

Regulators entities
Secondary Laboratories
Educational Institutes