Title Date Place Organizers
Peer Evaluator Training 27.–29.11.2012 Quito, Ecuador IAAC
Final Project Workshop 03.11.2012 Costa Rica PTB
Workshop PT Working Group II 12.–13.03.2012 Santiago de Chile, Chile IAAC
Workshop Best Accreditation Practices II 08.–09.03.2012 Santiago de Chile, Chile IAAC
Workshop Experience Exchange Good Accreditation Practice 19.–20.08.2011 Quito, Ecuador IAAC
Workshop of PT-Working Group 16.–18.08.2011 Bogotá, Colombia IAAC
Workshop for new peer evaluators 13.–15.04.2011 Perú IAAC
Workshop Best Accreditation Practices 14.–16.06.2010 Asunción, Paraguay IAAC
Internships for Inspection Body Accr. Programs 30.11.–04.12.2009 Querétaro, México IAAC
Senior Policy Dialogue Forum 05.–06.11.2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SIM
Workshop on Food Certification Schemes 28.–30.09.2009 Buenos Aires, Argentina IAAC
Peer Evaluator Training INN 16.–21.08.2009 Asunción, Paraguay IAAC
Events CMWG 11.–14.05.2009 Asunción, Paraguay SIM
Peer Evaluator Training INMETRO 16.–18.03.2009 Maryland, USA IAAC
Workshop Business Plan Development 15.–17.02.2009 Buenos Aires, Argentina IAAC
PT Workshop Part IV: Improvement 19.–21.11.2008 Querétaro, México IAAC
Workshop Chem. Metrol. Working Group 07.–09.05.2008 Castries, St. Lucia SIM
PT Workshop Part III: How to evaluate PTs? 22.–25.04.2008 Costa Rica IAAC

Approaches to support reliable laboratory results in developing economies of the region: lessons learnt and perspectives for cooperation

Final event of the regional technical cooperation OAS-IAAC-SIM-PTB-project for en-vironmental protection and food safety in Latin America and the Caribbean

Nov. 3, 2012; Hotel Radisson, San José, Costa Rica

Time Activity
8:30 Part 1: Setting the Scene
  Welcome / Introduction
Dra. Ileana Hidalgo, LACOMET; Dr. Alexis Valqui, Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke; PTB
  Quality Infrastructure in the hemispheric policy agenda
Marthe Beltrán-Martínez, Office of Science, Technology and Innovation, OAS
  The project: concept, scope, implementation, contributions
Ulf Hillner, PTB
  The regional organizations and their perception of the cooperation - evaluating the impacts and looking beyond<link>
Ileana Martínez, IAAC/NVLAP
  SIM Program in Chemical Metrology
Dra. Claudia Santo, SIM/LATU
  One example for a perspective from the "outside": needs of trade, industry & society
Fernando Chacón - SCM Metrologia y Laboratorios S.A.
11:00 Part 2: Workspace Developing perspectives to meet current & future challenges in the region.
  Presentation of the OAS-Working Group Infrastructure
Javier Arías, CENAMEP
  Identify topics of common interests and develop a road map for priority topics
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Presentation of Roadmaps
14:30 Part 3: Looking into the future: some new topics
  Input: what are the items of interest on the international political agenda of the Rio+20 process: biodiversity & climate change?
Ulf Hillner, PTB
16:00 Coffee

Organization of American States (OAS)
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Sistema Interamericano de Metrología

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InterAmerican Accreditation Cooperation
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PTB Project Coordinator
Ulf Hillner
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