Demand identification

Activities carried out about survey identification demand (from April to October 2009)

The first activities with regards to the demand identification was the surveys.   Each Working Group prepared special surveys.  The results are documented in the Reports presented in the links below.

About the"Consultancy to clients"  Working Group : viewing reports

About the "Program training" Working Group: viewing reports

About the "Group calibration" Working Group: viewing reports

Demand identification

Three guides for identifying the demand and standardize the results of working groups have been prepared:

1.- Demand identification for Consulting services (please click here for getting the file)
2.- Demand identification for Training Programs(please click here for getting the file)
3.- Demand identification for Groups Calibration Facilitation (please click here for getting the file)

Awareness raising Seminars

With regards to the activities for the demand identification , Awareness raising Seminars were programmed .

The NMIs which carried out seminars belong to the following countries:

- Barbados (in ocassion of  "National Quality Infraestructure", july 2009)

- Guyana (which was done in collaboration with CROSQ, previously)

- Colombia (Seminar:"The metrology in the biomedicine" , september 2009)

- Uruguay (Seminario: "Demand identification- SWOT", October 2009)

- Haiti (October 2009)

- Perú (Octubre 2009)

- República Dominicana (in ocasion of  Follow-up Workshop Sto-Domingo, Junio 2010)

To consult the seminar's reports, go to the Documents web page.