Welcome to the Extranet of the Working Group Q.53 of PTB "Technical Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean"

The aim of this Extranet is to facilitate communication and cooperation in the frame of PTB projects aimed to strenghten the Quality Infrastructure (QI) in Latin America and the Caribbean and to offer in general a platform for exchange to the QI Community.

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Current activities or in planification

Title Date Place Organizers
Second Call for Proposals 07.09.2015–30.01.2016 Virtual PTB
Proyecto Piloto Sistemas de Gestion de la Energia en Pymes 01.10.2015–27.03.2017 México, D.F., México PTB, CONUEE
Proficiency Test of Solar Thermal Systems 01.10.–30.11.2015 México, D.F., México PTB
Work Package APMP3: Concluding Workshop for International Supplementary Comparison on Digital Multimeter (P1-APMP.EM-S8) 05.–07.11.2015 Beijing, China APMP, NIM (China), NMIA, NPLI, PTB
Scientific Exchange part I: Analytical methodologies for the characterization of CRM Quinoa 09.–13.11.2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina INTI, PTB
Workshop Training in Environmental Labeling, Lifecycle Assessment and Product Carbon Footprint 16.–21.11.2015 Bogotá, Colombia ONAC, PTB
Technical Implementation Group (TIG) Metrology Meeting 16.–20.11.2015 Dominican Republic CROSQ, INDOCAL, PTB
Work Package APLMF1: Training Course on Traceability in Rice Moisture Measurement 16.–20.11.2015 Phnom Penh, Cambodia APLMF, Kett, NMC, NMIJ, PTB