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Final project workshop held on 29 May 2015 in Davos, Switzerland

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Project Summary

Due to their unique properties, terahertz (THz) and millimetre waves provide insight into material properties that cannot be accessed otherwise and hold an invaluable potential for remote sensing. For a long time this frequency range has been used in scientific applications like radio astronomy or laboratory spectroscopy, only. However, with maturing technology, commercial products are appearing on the market and now millimetre and THz waves are increasingly used for security applications like personnel scanners and spectrometers for the detection of illicit or hazardous substances.

Despite the beginning commercialisation of these new technologies, important properties of scanners and spectrometers including field strength and frequency but also performance parameters like the uncertainty of spectroscopic measurements remain difficult to access. Traceability of THz measurements is not available at all. The outcome of a measurement often differs depending on the instrumentation which makes results unreliable and incomparable. On the one hand, the lack of measurement capabilities and methodologies for the main system parameters hinders the development of technologies and prevents a reliable assessment of human exposure which is necessary to prove compliance with existing safety limits and to set safety limits where they do not exist, yet. On the other hand, missing metrological capabilities hampers the use of THz systems as measurement tools for security applications where reliability is crucial. The benefit and reliability of security systems can only be quantified based on an uncertainty assessment and traceability of the main quantities to the SI units.