Work Packages

The work is organised into six workpackages (WP) focusing on the different topics of this JRP:

  • WP1 aims at the design and fabrication of Josephson series arrays as a main component for the quantum voltage references of WP2.
  • WP2 is dedicated to the development of new quantum voltage references based on the Josephson effect, specifically aimed at non-stationary voltages.
  • WP3 will use existing and novel technologies and equipment for characterization of commercially available high-precision sampling equipment, both for arbitrary waves and pure sine waves.
  • WP4 supports the activities of WP3 by modelling the measurement systems and estimating the measurement uncertainty of sampled voltage measurements.
  • WP5 is designed to maximise the impact of the JRP.
  • WP6 describes the management of the JRP.

The different workpackages are strongly coupled among themselves. The developments partly build on each other. The figure summarises the structure of the JRP.