SIB09 Elements

Motivation and goals of this study

The lack of comparability of measurement results in time and space has a direct impact on life quality whenever measurement results are compared with other data, e.g., other measurement results, legal limit values or product specifications. Without primary standards European directives such as IVD for laboratory medicine and WFD for environmental protection cannot be implemented as required.

The JRP aims to provide the technical basis for resolving this lack of primary standards for element determination in a sustainable way within the scope of a worldwide activity of the National Metrology Institutes running parallel to the project. Rational procedures, which span up the methodology for realising primary standards fit for purpose for most of the challenging elements frequently used in elemental analysis, will be developed and applied for selected guide elements. These guide elements are Mg, Zn, Mo and Rh.

Practical work is based on three pillars. First there will be the development of procedures for purity analysis with respect to metallic and non-metallic impurities of high purity materials with focus on efficient methods and challenges in non-metal determination. The second pillar will be matrix investigations, involving direct determination of the main components as a universal approach, purification to establish blank materials, measurement of the isotopic composition and to develop efficient methods for dealing with isotopic composition. In the third pillar work will be on the dissemination of the primary standards through loss free decomposition, linking two solutions of similar composition and to link a solution to a solid material directly with small uncertainty.

The JRP will provide an efficient methodology for the realisation of up to now lacking demonstrated primary standards for element determination of challenging elements. As a by-product it will provide primary standards for Mg, Zn and Mo. Two stakeholder workshops are planned to disseminate the JRP output to the target and user community, which are industry, metrology, organisations and the producers of calibration solutions. Presentations at conferences will enable the outcome of the JRP to reach beyond the metrological community.