Tutorial 24th March 2015 at TU Dresden: Traceable measurement of mechanical properties of nano-objects

Fabrication of nano-objects

  • Preparation  methods  for nano-objects on substrates  (Petra Fiala,  Michael Stintz, TU Dresden)
  • Combining nano-object fabrication and force-measurements in a FIB/SEM System (Nicole Wollschläger, Werner Österle, BAM, Berlin and Uwe Brand, Sai Gao, PTB, Braunschweig)

Measurement of dimensions and mechanical properties

  • Investigation of mechanical properties of nano-pillars by indentation techniques (Michael Griepentrog, Philip Reinstädt, BAM, Berlin)
  • Metrological atomic force microscopy for the measurement of nanostructures (Andrew Andrew Yacoot, Giovanni Mattia Lazzerini, NPL, GB)
  • Humidity controlled AFM (Jeremias Seppä, Virpi Korpelainen, MIKES, Finland) 

Traceable AFM Cantilever Stiffness Calibration

  • Traceable cantilever stiffness calibration method using a MEMS nano-force transducer (Sai Gao, Uwe Brand, PTB, Braunschweig)
  • MEMS technology for fabrication of electrostatic actuators and application examples (Karla Hiller, Susann Hahn, Thomas Gessner, TU Chemnitz)


  • Atomistic simulations of AFM indentation of Gold nanorods (Bernhard Reischl, Antti Kuronen, Kai Nordlund, Hannu Husu, Virpi Korpelainen, Jeremias Seppä, and Antti Lassila)
  • The finite element method (Radek Šlesinger, CMI, Brno)