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Procedure for torque calibration under constant rotation investigated on a nacelle test bench

Author(s): Paula Weidinger, Gisa Foyer, Stefan Kock Person, Jonas Gnauert and Rolf Kumme
Year: 2018
Month: June
Day: 27
Volume: 2018
Series: ITG-Fb. 281: Sensoren und Messsysteme
Pages: 332-335
Publisher: VDE VERLAG GMBH · Berlin · Offenbach
Event name: Sensoren und Messsysteme 2018
Event place: Nürnberg, Germany
Event date: 26.-27.06.2018
ISBN: 978-3-8007-4683-5
Web URL:
Web URL 2:
Abstract: In order to determine the efficiency of multi-MW nacelles, the torque measurement of multi-MW nacelle test benches has to be performed with an accuracy of approximately 0.2%. To this end, the torque transducer has to be traced to national standards in the MNm range. This can be done by using a new torque calibration procedure under constant rotation performed on a nacelle test bench. The results, in the form of an indication deviation including the measurement uncertainty of less than 0.22%, are discussed in this paper.

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