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Design of a force lever system to allow traceable calibration of MN·m torque in nacelle test benches

Author(s): Gisa Foyer and Holger Kahmann
Year: 2018
Month: June
Day: 27
Volume: 2018
Series: ITG-Fb. 281: Sensoren und Messsysteme
Pages: 127-130
Publisher: VDE VERLAG GMBH · Berlin · Offenbach
Organization: ITG; GMA
Event name: Sensoren und Messsysteme 2018
Event place: Nürnberg, Germany
Event date: 26.-27.06.2018
ISBN: 978-3-8007-4683-5
Web URL:
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Abstract: The need for torque measurement in the MN∙m range in the wind industry is outlined in the following, which also shows the gap between national torque standards and the wishes of the users. Furthermore, a solution to this issue is presented: the design of a force lever system. Such a setup separates the torque load into the two components of force and lever length. Within the European research project Torque measurement in the MN∙m range, several design varia-tions have been studied. This paper lists the requirements of a force lever system to be used in nacelle test benches. It also discusses different design variations to fulfil the requirements. These include various force transducers and options to transmit additional mechanical loads through the force lever system. Finally, a system design is presented that fulfils all requirements and can be used for further studies.

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