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Extending the torque calibration range - necessity and outline of a mathematical approach

Author(s): Paula Weidinger, Gisa Foyer, Christian Schlegel and Rolf Kumme
Year: 2017
Publisher: Ukrainian Metrological Journal
Event name: VII. International Competition of COOMET "Best Young Metrologist"
Event place: Kazakhstan
Event date: 17.-18.05.2017
DOI: 10.24027/2306-7039.1A.2017.99993
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Abstract: The current torque calibration range up to 1.1 MN·m is not any longer sufficient. The fast growing wind energy sector raised the demand for traceability of torque in the MN·m range over the last few years. To this end, a 5 MN·m torque transducer was acquired to extend the torque calibration range. Since the measuring device cannot be calibrated over its full measurement range, mathematical methods to forecast the behaviour of the torque transducer above 1.1 MN·m and their further development are presented.

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