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Due to a decision of the Consortium made during the Kick-Off meeting this page is intended to give a comprehensive overview of publications authored or co-authored by members of the consortium and related to the topic of traceable dynamic measurement.

Note: not all of the listed publications have been published within the framework of the EMRP, therefore, not all of the publications listed here were produced with the support of funding from the European Union on the basis of Decision No 912/2009/EC.

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Model-based analysis of the dynamic behavoiur of a 250 kN shock force calibration device

Author(s): Michael Kobusch, Leonard Klaus and Thomas Bruns
Year: 2012
Month: September
Conference name: XX IMEKO World Congress
Conference place: Busan, Republick of Korea
Conference date: 9. - 14 September 2012
File URL: http://www.imeko.org/publications/wc-2012/IMEKO-WC-2012-TC3-O10.pdf
Web URL: http://www.imeko.org/
Abstract: An analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the 250 kN primary shock force calibration device at PTB is presented. Two airborne mass bodies with the force transducer under test are brought to collision, and the generated inertial forces are determined by means of laser vibrometers. Measurements with a heavy transducer revealed modal oscillations which were identified by acceleration sensors. The dynamic system behaviour was analysed with a finite element model. It showed that the elastic coupling between the transducer and the reference mass body causes low-frequency oscillations that have to be taken into account for calibration purposes.

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