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Due to a decision of the Consortium made during the Kick-Off meeting this page is intended to give a comprehensive overview of publications authored or co-authored by members of the consortium and related to the topic of traceable dynamic measurement.

Note: not all of the listed publications have been published within the framework of the EMRP, therefore, not all of the publications listed here were produced with the support of funding from the European Union on the basis of Decision No 912/2009/EC.

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Application of a scanning vibrometer for the periodic calibration of force transducers

Author(s): Christian Schlegel, Gabriela Kiekenap and Rolf Kumme
Year: 2012
Month: September
Conference name: XX IMEKO World Congress
Conference place: Busan, Republic of Korea
Conference date: 9. - 14. September 2012
File URL: http://www.imeko.org/publications/wc-2012/IMEKO-WC-2012-TC3-O8.pdf
Abstract: This paper describes a procedure for the dynamic calibration of force transducers using sinusoidal excitations. Thereby, the main output of such a calibration is the dynamic sensitivity: the ratio between the electrical output signal of the transducer and the acting dynamic force. The force is traced back to the mass time’s acceleration. With the aid of a scanning vibrometer, the acceleration distribution can be measured and a more realistic uncertainty for the acceleration can be given. In addition, parameter identification from the resonance behaviour can be applied.

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