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Due to a decision of the Consortium made during the Kick-Off meeting this page is intended to give a comprehensive overview of publications authored or co-authored by members of the consortium and related to the topic of traceable dynamic measurement.

Note: not all of the listed publications have been published within the framework of the EMRP, therefore, not all of the publications listed here were produced with the support of funding from the European Union on the basis of Decision No 912/2009/EC.

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Step response of pressure gauges

Author(s): Fredrik Arrhén
Year: 2012
Month: October
Conference name: 7th International Workshop on Analysis of Dynamic Measurements
Conference place: Paris, France
Conference date: 15. - 16. October 2012
File URL: http://www.french-metrology.com/publications/7th-workshop-dynamic-measurements/F_Arrhen.pdf
Web URL: http://www.french-metrology.com/workshop/dynamic-measurement-workshop.asp
Web URL 2: 0
Abstract: The development of a system for determining step response of total vacuum gauges is described as well as results for some typical vacuum gauges. The system is mainly suitable for steps from atmospheric pressure down to around 50 Pa. Step response times reached with the system are (with reasonable sizes of DUT internal volumes) about 20 ms.

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