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11.02.2015 10:48 Age: 8 yrs

The 6th Newsletter is available

The EARS project arrives at its final stage and we are pleased to present the sixth newsletter to you ...

Another time the project work has made serious progress and results were obtained which significantly promote knowledge and technology in the addressed fields. We invite you to read about several aspects of the work which are presented within this newsletter.
Following an intensive development phase ultrasonic transducers which allowed the determination of hearing thresholds for airborne ultrasound could be produced. In parallel the investigation of perception mechanisms at infrasound frequencies continued with an fMRI study. This process was accompanied by measuring the middle ear transfer of the same test persons using otoacoustic emissions. The second version of the universal ear simulator prototype was manufactured and calibration techniques were developed and tested. Thus, all prerequisites for first clinical trials, which are under way, have been created.

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