Two international workshops will be held in early 2015 to disseminate results of the project work to stakeholders in industry and society, and drive further innovation and research within the European community.

The workshops will give the opportunity to share the final results of the project and to discuss all related issues of the topics In round table discussions new concepts shall be topics. In round‐table discussions, new concepts shall be discussed and possible future collaborations initiated. Keynote speakers from scientific research and industry will highlight various aspects of each topic. Furthermore there will be the possibility for attendees to present a poster or a 5‐minute talk. (Please state upon registration.)

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Workshop on
non-audible sound

16 - 17 April 2015
PTB, Berlin (Germany)

This workshop focuses on the investigation of non‐audible sound and its potential for creating annoyance or presenting even a hazard to hearing. The measurement of brain responses to audible stimuli, the determination of subjective hearing parameters, the measurement of non‐audible noise and the impact of all these results on definition of exposure limits, regulation, and standardization are key aspects in this workshop. It refers to a wide range of experts involved coming from scientific research institutes, health and safety bodies or regulating authorities.

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