WP 5: Management and coordination

The consortium consisting of seven funded and two unfunded NMIs/DIs, associated with five collaborators, is expected to require a complex management process. However, the individual project partners know each other well from working together in EURAMET and CCQM. The project will be coordinated and managed by Dr. Heinrich Kipphardt from BAM. With 18 years post diploma experience and managing a working group of ten people. He was involved in many research projects as partner and WP leader. The coordination of the individual WPs will be delegated to the WP leaders with a regular feedback to the coordinator. Information exchange will be done primarily by e-mail and telephone and physical meetings wehen required.
The reporting during the progress of the JRP will follow the requirements given in the guidance documents with interim reports after 6, 12, 24 and 30 months and a progress and financial report after 18 and 36 months. The final publishable report and full financial report will be submitted after 36 months. A publishable JRP summary will be provided after month 1, it will be updated with each report.
A kick-off meeting will be held within 1 month after “entry into force” of the JRP contract and a final meeting with all participants will be held in month 36. To keep travel cost low the, project meetings will be docked with EURAMET and CCQM meetings whenever possible.