WP NoWorkpackage TitleActive Partners (WP leader in bold)
WP1    Novel low-thermal-noise frequency references    OBSPARIS, TUBS, PTB, UMK, VTT, LUND, RISE, HHUD
WP2Active vibration isolation and feed-forward techniquesPTB, LNE, OBSPARIS, CNRS, UMK, VTT, HHUD
WP3New cryostats for the next generation of ultrastable lasersCNRS, OBSPARIS, LNE, PTB, LUND
WP4Synthesis of ultrastable clock lasers using the comb: addressing ultimate limitsINRIM, LINKS, VTT, OBSPARIS, LNE, PTB
WP5Use of next generation ultrastable lasers in fundamental physics and beyondUMK, OBSPARIS, LNE, CNRS, PTB, INRIM
WP6Creating impactPTB, all
WP7Management and coordinationPTB, all