The Consortium

PTB as the NMI of Germany brings expertise in torque realisation, in the calibration of instrument transformers and in the determination of the efficiency of electrical drive systems. PTB is currently setting up a Competence Centre for Wind energy (CCW) including a torque standard machine with a capacity up to 5 MNm. 

CMI has 25 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining national torque standards in the Czech Republic. Its calibration capabilities in the field of torque are up to 1 kNm (dead weight machine), up to 2 kNm (reference calibration device) and up to 10 kNm (calibration device). 

GUM has 7 years of experience in designing, building and torque measurement. A torque calibration machine from 10 Nm up to 5000 Nm is available at GUM. Dynamic torque standards up to 1 kNm and up to 10 kNm are planned

METAS, the NMI of Switzerland, is a leading institute in the domain of type testing and certification of power quality analysers and phasor measurement units (PMUs). It contributes with expertise in the domain of measurement of electrical AC quantities (voltage up to 140 kV, current up to 6 kA, power and energy) with synchronisation to UTC.

VTT is the NMI in Finland. VTT has more than 30 years of experience in measurement of both torque and electrical power. Related national standards are available for torque up to 20 kNm, for wideband and three-phase power, and for medium and high voltage instrument transformers. 

CENER is the only laboratory that has 15 years of experience in testing drive trains. Its facilities are designed to perform accelerated lifespan tests on wind turbines up to 6 MW. Its current torque limit is 6 MNm.

DINNTECO Factory Gasteiz, a Spanish technological Company. It is dedicated to the design, developing and manufacturing of variable electromagnetic field devices to compensate electric charges and radio frequency fields.
The products are widely used in telecommunication towers, tower and gantry cranes, and wind turbines.

FhG is Europe’s largest research organisation with a key focus on transforming scientific expertise into applications of practical utility. Their Dynamic Nacelle Testing Laboratory (DyNaLab) also includes a full-size nacelle test bench with a maximum overload torque of 13 MNm. Full scale offshore nacelles can be tested up to 10 MW. • 

RWTH has experience in planning and operating a 1 MW and a 4 MW nacelle test bench with multi-component loading as well as in performing finite element and multi-body simulations for mechanical drive train analysis. 

THAB has experience with highly sophisticated and accurate power measurement of inverter-fed drives. The robust measurement in the disturbed inverter environment as well as suitable evaluation methods of the measured data in regard to power theories and standards are major competencies. 

Inmetro has 15 years of experience in calibrating torque-measuring instruments and working in the research and development of the torque quantity. A national standard with a calibration capability of up to 3000 Nm is available.