Workshops on the Measurement of Nanowire Arrays for Energy Harvesting

The NanoWires project has hosted two online workshop on the measurement of nanowire arrays for energy harvesting. On March 21, 2023 recent project progress was presented by representatives from PTB, INRIM, LNE, DFM and TU-BS and on May 5, 2023 additional presentations were made by CMI, PWR, TU-BS and UAB. The workshop announcement and presentations can be found here.

Workshop on the Nanomanipulation of Single Nanowires

The NanoWires project hosted an online workshop on the Nanomanipulation of Single Nanowires on August 3, 2021. The most recent FIB and GIS nanofabrication techniques and processing, applied to single nanowire nanomaniputation, were presented, including focussed ion beam, gas injecto systems and nanomanipulation. The workshop announcement can be found here and the presentations can be watched here.