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Graphene impedance quantum standard - EMPIR 18SIB07

A Joint Research Project within the European Metrology Research Programme EMPIR.

The major goals and objectives of the project are given in the Publishable Summary.

News & Events

Good practice guide is out

The "Good practice guide on the graphene-based AC-QHE realization of the farad", a 49-pages document dealing with graphene devices fabrication,...

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GIQS YouTube channel: growing interest

The YouTube channel of the GIQS project has now 15 videos and collected more than 1400 views! Thank you very much for your interest!

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AC measurements of QHE devices at METAS

In just three minutes, the video "AC measurements of quantum Hall effect devices", by Frédéric Overney and Blaise Jeanneret, will give you a quick but...

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