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Final Public Workshop for stakeholders and industry will take place on Friday 24. February 2023

Besides various presentations given by the project experts video materials showcasing the newly developed calibration procedures for continuous as well as dynamic forces will be presented. An one hour Q&A session is planned to discuss stakeholders needs as well as the ways for uptake of the project results. More information

The official start of the project was on 1st September 2019.
The Kick-off Meeting took place at PTB in Braunschweig on 30th September and 1st October 2019.

The project publishes Participation of the Central Office of Measures in the European industrial project EMPIR in the field of force

The project publishes Study on short-term creep effect and hysteresis for the HBM Z4A force transducer under compressive and tensile forces

and Linear regression analysis and the GUM: example of temperature influence on force transfer transducers

and GUM’s Rockwell hardness standard machines after modernization

and Static and dynamic bridge amplifier calibration according to ISO 4965-2

The project informs about several presentations at the IMEKO World Congress 2021 in Yokohama. The proceedings are published in the journal Measurement: Sensors, February 2022.
They can be downloaded under the following links:

- Haldun Dizdar, Bulent Aydemir, Cemal Vatan: Establishment of continuous force calibration system at TUBITAK UME force laboratory in Turkey

- Miha Hiti: Analysis of loading profile effect on testing machine calibration results

- Miha Hiti: Compensation of Synchronization Error Effect in Testing Machine Calibration

- Jonas Sander, Rolf Kumme: Comparison of force measuring devices with static and continuous loading

- Andrea Prato, Davide Borgiattino, Fabrizio Mazzoleni, Alessio Facello, Alessandro Germak: Theoretical insights on the influence of the experimental plan in the calibration of multicomponent force and moment transducers

The project will organize a special session and a workshop at the IMEKO TC3 conference in Dubrovnik, 11th till 13th of October 2022.