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Results of MetroWaMet Dissemination Workshop

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Presentations available for download

The dissemination workshop is over and we had an online event with a great exchange of information, lots of impressions and presentations on the project results.

We would like to share the program and presentations with an interested audience. Feel free to download anything you want.



Recommendations for the acquisition of consumption profiles of potable water in households including guidelines for the selection of equipment, time scales and sampling rates / Johan Bunde Kondrup

Consumption characteristics in Europe – derivation of representative test profiles - requirements for test rigs / Daniel Schumann

Experiences in Brazil on water meter assessment and a new Brazilian standard to assess water meter performance based on an actual water consumption profile / Jorge Sanchez

Validation of liquid flow standards under dynamic conditions - Results of the EURAMET project No. 1506 / Florestan Ogheard

A simple design to study household meters accuracy / Mika Huovinen

Performance of domestic water meters under static and dynamic test conditions – first insights / Oliver Büker

Derivation of requirements for the test regime – development of test waters / Veit Seypka

Performance of domestic water meters depending on water quality / Corinna Kroner

Hardware platform for detecting small flows with domestic water meters / Marco Carratu

Detection of small flows with water meters / Søren Haack

Algorithm(s) for leakage detectios / Tobias Martin

Developments and need for action regarding water meters from the perspective of water meter manufacturers / Ulrich Eff

Guides, recommendations for assessing water meters close to operation conditions. Further need(s) (or proposals) for action from the perspective of ISO/OIML/WELMEC. / Miroslava Benkova, Sarah Jones