The project partners write software to implement mathematical methods, showcase concepts and realise novel calibration approaches. This software is made available open source and free of charge for others to use and utilize the project outcomes.

This page provides a brief overview about the available software from the project. More information can found in the respective repositories linked below.

  1. agentMET4FOF - Multi-Agent System for IIoT
  2. Software for the Met4FoF Smartup Unit
  3. Met4FoF Datareceiver
  4. Analysis of redundancy in sensor networks


agentMET4FOF - Multi-Agent System for IIoT

Sensor deployments in industrial applications usually form networks in all sorts of environments. This requires a flexible framework for the implementation of the corresponding data analysis. An excellent way to represent such networks is a multi-agent system (MAS), where independent software modules (agents) encapsulate properties and functionalities. agentMET4FOF is an interactive and flexible open-source implementation of such a MAS. The software engineering process is driven by several industry-oriented use cases with the aim of impacting on IIoT applications. This leads to a framework that is specialized in representing heterogeneous sensor networks.

The software agentMET4FOF is an implementation of a multi-agent system for agent-based analysis and processing of both static data sets and data streams with IIoT applications in mind. More on the motivation that drives the project can be found in the repository on GitHub.

Software for the Met4FoF Smartup Unit

This software contains the code for the micro-controller board, which is called "SmartUp Unit". The software is available as a GitHub repository. An installation guideline can be found in the corresponding Wiki. The software is created with SW4STM32 (gcc). 

The underlying concept and its implementation has been published here: 

Met4FoF Datareceiver

This reposity contains the software needed to receive the measurement data from the Met4FoF Smartup unit. In this way, it connects the two developments "SmartUp Unit" and "agentMET4FOF". An introduction can be found on GitHub here.

There is also an example data set for testing and a quick start here.

Analysis of redundant data

This software package contains software tools that can be used to analyze measurement data which contain redundancy. The main part of the development has been performed at VSL (Netherlands), with help of the partner institutes NPL (UK), PTB (Germany) and UCAM (UK). The software is provided as a GitHub repository. The methods will are integrated into agentMET4FOF for a future release soon.

A scientific publication explaining the ideas behind this software can be found here and here.

The main documentation can be found at ReadTheDocs.