Joint Stakeholder Advisory Board keeps growing

Created by Sascha Eichstädt |

In order to ensure the practical uptake of the project outcomes by industrial end users, a Stakeholder Advisory Board is formed jointly with SmartCom. During the kick-off meeting the first three Letter of Agreement where signed with TNO (Netherlands), SPEKTRA (Germany) and Myna-Project (Italy). Since then a couple more followed and the list keeps growing.

The Stakeholder Advisory Board is set up in order to support the EMPIR projects SmartCom and Met4FoF in their course with advice, insights, feedback and networking. Becoming a Member of the board requires to sign a Letter of Agreement with the Consortia. Since the kick-off meeting, four new board members have been welcomed to the team: Centro Servizi Industrie Polo Mesap (Italy), INESC (Portugal), University Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), VDI/VDE-GMA (Germany). Negotiations with others are currently underway.

The activities undertaken by the Consortia are to

  • Share information about the research aims and results from within the above-mentioned projects with the Collaborator as early as possible;
  • Invite the Collaborator to project meetings, workshops and other project-related events.

The activities undertaken by the Board Members are to

  • Provide feedback, remarks, suggestions and advice regarding the project research aims based on questions posed to the stakeholder advisory board or directly to the Collaborator;
  • Provide support for the creation of impact, for instance in terms of sharing information about the project outcomes and events with your organisation’s network of relevant contacts.

The Consortium shall inform the Board Members on a semi-annual basis in writing about decisions adopted by the Consortia, if any, and about the status of the research programme.