New video portal on the project website available

With its new web-based video portal, the project offers further insights and information to its stakeholders.

The project consortium has decided to prepare a comprehensive set of video tutorials and presentations on the developments from the project. These are made available free of charge on the project website here. After a simple registration form to make sure that we can inform you about new entries, all videos are available to watch.

Right now there video presentations and tutorials on

  • Data preprocessing and redundancy in the industrial IoT
  • Uncertainty evaluation for metrologically redundant sensor networks
  • Dynamic calibration of digital-only sensors
  •  Measurement traceability for MEMS temperature sensors
  • Uncertainty propagation for feature extraction
  • Bayesian approaches in sensor fusion and for accounting for timing effects

More videos are planned to be published soon. Examples are tutorials on machine learning, introduction to the multi-agent framework and presentations from the project's testbeds.